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By Amber Dowling. Heading into the rest of the season, that arrest continues to affect not only the task force, but also the relationship between Red and Keen, as the former launches an investigation into who turned him in. Very early this season. This is a guy that always has a contingency plan. Does he have one here or was that attempted bribe it? That bribe was it.

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How Reddington Being Behind Bars Affects ‘The Blacklist’ Season 6

But fair warning: there are spoilers ahead! Her first big break on television was on The West Wing , where she spent 23 episodes as political operative Amy Gardner. She is probably best known for her starring role in the Showtime dark comedy Weeds.

Carla and Raymond were married before Red began his life of crime. After she has her marriage to Reddington annulled, Naomi starts a new life in Philadelphia with her daughter. During their marriage, Naomi and Reddington had one child — a daughter named Jennifer. Regardless, she is the half-sister of Elizabeth Keen due to sharing a father.

When Naomi fled Reddington and began a new life in Philadelphia with Jennifer, she had her marriage to Reddington annulled. And while living in Philly, she eventually met and married a man named Frank Hyland. While not a lot is known about Hyland, we do know that he had two children prior to his marriage to Naomi. Frank and Naomi remained married throughout the series, which put pressure on the relationship between Naomi and her daughter.

However, Naomi eventually revealed, however, that she pushed Jennifer out of her life because she knew Red would eventually come looking for her.

She was held for several days by Kirchoff, eventually having her finger cut off as proof to Red that Kirchoff had her. Ultimately, Kirchoff agrees to set her free in exchange for bank accounts that were stolen by Raymond.

After Red frees Naomi from Kirchoff, he offers to help her and Frank start a new life somewhere else. In fact, the show to date has only notched six episodes that include an appearance or major mention of Naomi. There are only a handful of people that knew all along the Raymond Reddington we know and love is not the real Reddington.

Naomi is one of them. Because as we ultimately learned, Raymond Reddington is the father of Liz and Jennifer. But did that knowledge lead to her death? In fact, we go nearly three full seasons without so much as a mention of her. After her story arc in season 2, we only learn in season five after the debut of Jennifer Reddington that Naomi has been dead for quite some time.

Hyland was murdered; shot twice coming out of her apartment at some point after her last run-in with Red. Jennifer, unsurprisingly, blames Reddington but he seemed genuinely shocked to learn she was even dead. And that concludes our top 10 Naomi Hyland Blacklist Facts you should know. Did we leave out anything important?

If so, be sure to tell us in the comment section. Are you a big fan of Agent Navabi on The Blacklist? Ian Garvey is one of the great villains that has haunted the world of The Blacklist. Learn everything you need to know about him here.

Few characters on The Blacklist inspire more questions than Katarina Rostova. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. News Ticker. The Blacklist. About Travis Scoundrel Articles. A life long gamer, Travis spends his time writing about and playing games when he's not suing people or hanging out with his family. Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Ten Naomi Hyland Facts Every Blacklist Fan Should Know

While searching for the answers that will uncover the secrets that Reddington has gone to great lengths to keep buried, at the same time, Liz and the FBI are still on the hunt for some of the most strange and dangerous criminals yet. Collider: We spoke before the launch of Season 5, which definitely felt like a new chapter for the series, but here we again and Season 6 really feels like things are getting shaken up quite dramatically. It continues to evolve and shift.

This is it. This is the key line in this episode. A line that helps unlock the puzzle that is The Blacklist.

Carla AKA Naomi is a fascinating character. The character that can shed more light on Reddignton was presented briefly as Berlin abducted her to slowly dismember her in retribution for his notion that Reddington had killed his daughter. Then she, with cheating husband Frank are spirited away with a new identity. Her birth year as Naomi is Do you know any woman who would accept a birth year 2 years older?

What Is Raymond Reddington’s True Identity? [SPOILERS]

This theory is not a new one, and as stated above, has actually been around for quite some time, albeit existing on the far edges of the fandom. Daniel Cerone, the writer of the now infamous S4E8 episode, released several live tweets that night during the broadcast, that painted a very contradictory scene for me and which ultimately led to this post. At the exact moment that Red told Kirk that Elizabeth was indeed his daughter, Cerone tweeted the following:. You can see that evidence from the official writer tweets below please note that I blacked out the names of the Twitter fans to ensure their privacy. Daniel Cerone seemingly complicated matters even more by giving these cryptic tweets shortly after S4E8 aired:. So what exactly does this mean? Along those same lines, maybe the Elizabeth that Red is referring to in S4E8 is not Lizzie, but instead another Elizabeth. Red at first refused to cooperate, until he realized that Kirk would not drop the subject until he answered.

Jennifer Reddington

What a treat! You may now watch the first five minutes of the new season of TheBlacklist. Link in bio. He attended the United States Naval Academy and graduated top of his class at the age of He was reportedly being groomed for the position of Admiral when he disappeared while coming home to visit his family in December

But fair warning: there are spoilers ahead!

Raymond "Red" Reddington James Spader , a former government agent turned high-profile criminal, who had eluded capture for decades, voluntarily surrenders to the FBI , offering to cooperate on capturing a list of criminals who are virtually impossible to catch. He insists on working with a rookie profiler by the name of Elizabeth Keen Megan Boone. The pilot episode was written by Jon Bokenkamp and directed by Joe Carnahan.


Read at your own risk! Why is she so important to him? According to Lillian, Ian has been protecting her from her real father: Raymond Reddington. EW turned to executive producer Jon Bokenkamp to get the scoop.

Naomi was married to Red before he became a criminal, during which time they had a daughter, Jennifer Reddington. Many years later, she married Frank Hyland. She was revealed to be the true target of Lord Baltimore. Milos Kirchoff had her kidnapped to a safe house, where he cut off her finger and presented it to Red, saying 'I am going to do to her what you did to my daughter. Throughout the episode she is seen in Milos Kirchoff's safe house. She tries to escape but fails.

Naomi Hyland

Jennifer was mentioned at the end when Red demanded Naomi tell him where she is. Naomi mentions that she and Jennifer lost contact after she remarried. Jennifer is introduced as a bartender living under an assumed name Lilly May Roth whom Garvey visits. When Liz takes Jennifer to her apartment to ask for her help in putting him away, she revealed an abusive relationship she and her mother both endured with Red. Garvey saved Jennifer's life and she was placed in Witness Protection for 20 years while waiting for the day when he is finally brought to justice to face his crimes. Liz then reveals that Red is also her father and they are half-sisters. Liz asks for Jennifer's help to capture Garvey since he has information concerning the skeleton in the duffel bag. She refuses stating that Ian saved her and Naomi from Red.

Jan 4, - How Reddington Being Behind Bars Affects 'The Blacklist' Season 6 “Dr. Hans Koehler” and “The Corsican,” that left Red's daughters, Elizabeth Raymond Reddington would certainly have fun having a soap box to stand.


‘The Blacklist’ EP Jon Bokenkamp on Season 6 and Exploring Red’s True Identity







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