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Say "I Love You" with 109 Love Quotes for Him

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Is he the best guy in the world? Treats you all the time? Understands you better than anyone else? We hope so! As the relationships grows, so does our experience. We start to notice patterns and observe solutions, and we manage every disagreement more smoothly. Yet, no matter how much we learn, we should keep in mind that every relationship is unique and what works in a relationship will never work in another. We can be experts on our relationships, but rarely on the relationships of others.

About life, about this moment, about you. Passion and enthusiasm make us feel alive and connected, and add meaning and excitement to what we do. At the same time, when we are crazy about something we become more daring and adventurous. We give ourselves fully and take pleasure in giving. A real love unites physical attraction with emotional and mental connection. We can find many people attractive but it does not happen so often that their hearts or minds attract us with the same intensity.

As a result, when we find someone who is beautiful inside and out, and who matches the desires of our heart, we fall in love fast and deeply, without even realizing it. The person we love is magical for us because it responds to the deepest calling of our soul.

Girls love to feel protected and boys love to be the protectors. Moreover, girls want boys to be more obvious in their feelings, while boys prefer subtle acts and cues.

When a girl wants to be sure that the boy still cares, she feels the need to appear vulnerable. This is where tears became helpful. Tears show vulnerability and make the two people in the relationship reassume their roles. They identify the cause and make it disappear, in their own cute and caring way. When we fall in love feelings get very intense easily and because of the passionate start, we idealize the person we love and put them on a pedestal.

Compatibility needs to be tested by time, so it is easy to deceive ourselves in the beginning of a love relationship that everything will work impeccable. Unfortunately, many times when love starts feverishly, it also burns really fast. There are so many amazing people in the world, with unique personalities and endearing quirks, that we would love to take home.

For some people, a monogamous relationship is scary because it means giving up on other great possibilities for love. Each person matches us in a different way and challenges us to be in a certain way, that is why every relationship is unique.

When you like people a lot, you cannot force yourself to give up on all these possibilities. Do not just look at your boyfriend as just a boyfriend. Look at him as a friend, too. A love relationship that also contains a solid friendship is too times stronger. When your boyfriend is also your friend, the level of trust, confidence, and honesty skyrocket. You always find things to do together because you have common interests and passions.

Moreover, you are not afraid to speak your mind in his presence. A boyfriend who is also your friend will be there for you, at any time you will need him, he will support you at your best, and forgive you at your worst. When you are comfortable with being single, you allow yourself the time to find someone who can really incite you. Being single allows you to explore and to experiment, and if you are ok with it and have enough patience, some day an amazing guy will come into your life.

It is selfish to enter a relationship when you still have work to do on yourself. Your future boyfriend deserves a confident and happy woman to share his life with, not a co-dependent and needy partner who will put obstacles in his growth.

When we want something badly, we have to make some sacrifices or compromises to obtain it. It is all a matter of priorities. Some want to have an impressive career or dedicate themselves to a cause, others want to live a fairytale love. The problem arises when we want multiple things that demand great amounts of time, energy, and commitment. Romance and professional life are the areas that require the most from us.

Sometimes we need a break from one to succeed in the other and not consume ourselves entirely. We just have to remember that when something is not fulfilling anymore, we can make the necessary change. Men and women have different understanding of what attractiveness means or feels like, and depending on their personalities, different men or different women have also different views.

A women feels sexy and attractive when she is loved, when there is man in the world who she knows that desires and adores her. It is not about the T-shirt, but it is about who owns it.

There are also people who are independent and feel happy alone. While these people do hope for a relationship, maybe they find it harder to connect with others. There is nothing wrong with that. I know how to roll with the guys. Being in a relationship does not have to mean separating yourself from your friends or your habits. The best thing in a relationship is that you get a new set of friends together with a boyfriend.

Many girls try to make their boyfriends spend less time with his friends because otherwise they feel neglected. In this case, the most impressing thing a girl can do is becoming great friends with the friends of her boyfriend. We all have different relations with our body and our sexuality. The body can be seen as the sacred temple of the soul, or as a decaying vehicle in which we travel through life. Either way, we care about how we look, how others see us, and who do we allow to see us, especially when we are naked, in our most vulnerable state.

It can be beautiful, but it is never unique or magical. Only when we love, our naked bodies become illuminated through love. Young love is always innocent and hopeful. When we are young, love exists freely, without being burdened by the need of a long-term compatibility in terms of goals, desire, or ambitions. Young people love and live in the moment, because for them every emotion is new and raw.

They think such emotions must be guarded otherwise they will not arise again. No wonder that young love is usually the love that resembles the most our fairytales and idealistic romance stories. Love puts us in situations in which we might not be very comfortable.

Talking about feelings and expressing feelings is always a difficult, almost excruciating task. We use subtlety and disguises to show how we really feel because we are afraid of being rejected or judged.

We choose to play safe and hope that the other will be able to read through all our attempts. As happy as we will be single, we need the learning and growing experience of love. When we love another person we grow to new dimensions through their love. Everything that is good and selfless in us comes to the surface.

In a sincere love we are the best we can be, especially if we love the right person. You must have been sent to me. We cannot count on love to come into our lives when we want to. Love visits us when we least expect it.

We might fantasize of the person we want but life surprises us in many ways. There is a mysterious law that brings in our lives exactly the people we need. Love is not a perfect fairytale of passionate encounters and bliss. Love is sometimes difficult and it can even seem impossible. People are not perfect, but our love can strive to reach its perfection.

When we accept someone as they are, like a complete person with both amazing qualities and less appealing flaws, our love remains powerful, despite the imperfections that daunt us as humans. If I have a man in my life, I want him to enhance me. It is not the duty of the man we love to build our self-esteem, nor to take care of all our needs. Our lovers are there to teach us to be selfless and caring, and not to expect others to provide for us the things we lack. A woman seeking validation and being needy is highly unattractive for a self-respecting man.

In a relationship, the two lovers must grow together as equal partners, both bringing their own inner flame and strength to the table. Just a little space. Love and friendship are hard to delimit properly.

Where does friendship end and where does love start? What is the difference between the feelings we have for friends and the feelings we have for lovers? It is very possible for a man to transition very fast from the position of a friend to that of a boyfriend.

The difference is that in friendship there are certain distances which disappear completely when it comes to love. Like these? The 31 Most Powerful Spiritual Quotes. What is your boyfriend like?

Anatomy of a Boyfriend Quotes

They said that having someone to love us is good. But there are price to be paid since relationship is not always about lovey dovey things. There will be obstacles to come in between and you might get stressed out of it. Having boyfriend means that you have to take their words into account.

These love quotes for him are the perfect way to tell that lucky man in your life just how much you care. With the following collection of deep love quotes, saying what you really feel for your man will become a whole lot easier.

You love being appreciated by your partner, right? You are indeed blessed because you have met someone who will understand and love you, no matter what. That person deserves your love and affection, too. So apart from your actions, sending some of these cute boyfriend quotes will do the trick.

49 Cute Boyfriend Quotes for Him

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65 Boyfriend and Girlfriend Quotes

Happiness may vary from person to person, so try to look closer and find what makes your life fulfilling. Here are 13 ways to live a happy life without a boyfriend. Pursue your passion. What is that thing that motivates you?

Well sure, who doesn't need a boyfriend?

Love is a crazy thing , and it can be completely different from relationship to relationshi p. Sometimes, though, the love you feel for another person can be hard to express, whether you want to let bae know how you feel in a private letter, or let the world know in a public Insta post. For when you have all the love in your heart, but you can't find the words, I've got 28 quotes that perfectly describe how you're feeling in your relationship. You annoy me more than I thought possible, but I want to spend every irritating moment with you.

21 Cute Boyfriend Quotes For Him

Despite his tough exterior, your man wants to be loved and cherished by you, and to hear that you love him. There are lots of ways to incorporate love quotes for him into your daily life. Send him a sexy text, scribble a funny note, or even draw inspiration for your wedding vows. Cute love quotes for him are your go-to if you want to share a love quote with your man while keeping things light.

When you find that special person in your life, a relationship with them will be the best highlight in your life. Relationships may have its ups and downs but it will be the greatest ride of your life. Hope that these quotes will help you understand the beauty of your relationship with your special someone:. Love has no language barriers. Whatever words you speak, the heart will surely understand.

I Want A Boyfriend Quotes

Dudes are fun and all, but nobody has your back like your best friend. Kinda like those couples on Facebook who have a shared account, people never say her name without yours or vice versa. If someone invites either one of you to a party, they expect to see both of you. You know her passwords to, like, everything. You see each other at your fugliest. Toilet selfies, double chin selfies, sweaty red faced gym selfies, you and your BFF love each other in your least attractive states. The more chins, the better. No one boosts your ego quite like her.

Check out these sweet, romantic love quotes for him that will help you You might also like these boyfriend quotes that will give you butterflies. “One day, I caught myself smiling without no reason, then I realized I was thinking of you.”

Express your love for your boyfriend with our collection of cute boyfriend quotes and short love quotes, perfect for telling your special guy just how much you care about him! On this page you'll find love quotes and messages for your boyfriend written from the heart so you can tell him just how much you love him and how much he means to you. Of course every relationship is different so make sure you read down the page to find the perfect love quote that suits your style and personality.

Tired of doing the usual way of showing your love and affection to your boyfriend? Then why not consider sending him romantic boyfriend quotes. This is indeed the fastest and surest way to express your love and affection to him. Sending him romantic boyfriends quotes will surely make him love you more and more.

There is no sweeter feeling than being able to share our affection with someone else. Finding a person who accepts to be your boyfriend in these modern times is not easy. When we do find such a person, we want to make sure that they understand how much we appreciate them. This can be easily done through a number of quotes.

If I'm being completely candid, many of the strong women quotes below were spoken by women with husbands, boyfriends, and lovers.

Is he the best guy in the world? Treats you all the time? Understands you better than anyone else? We hope so! As the relationships grows, so does our experience.

You get shit done. Friends that will go out and get drunk with you one night and will sit on your couch with their laptop while you sit on yours the next night. Friends that would drop everything to help you if you ever asked. You know that you can pull off every outfit in your closet and then all of your selfies are flawless. Who would love to listen to your ramblings about life.


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