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Meet the man who bought london

Most youngsters love motorcycling. I was no different. I only had a cycle with me then but that did not stop me from dreaming I often borrowed a motorcycle from friends to ride. I bought my first motorcycle in — a hero Honda cc.

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Most youngsters love motorcycling. I was no different. I only had a cycle with me then but that did not stop me from dreaming I often borrowed a motorcycle from friends to ride. I bought my first motorcycle in — a hero Honda cc. And there was no looking back. Here is my story, India to London on a bike.

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The great irony of it was that though we were good riders, none of us owned a bike. How, when and where were not the questions that bothered us. Dreams are not tangible phenomena, are they? We were young and raring to go. The group spent a lot of time and days planning the trip. Several aspects needed thorough attention: the route, finance, getting motorcycles for ourselves, documents and official permission from the countries we were to pass through and a lot of other seemingly minor matters.

I was most concerned about the official documents as no one seemed to know how to go about getting them. The priority of the teammates was to collect funds, which, of course, was a major hurdle. We, however, were confident that one of the companies would definitely sponsor such an enterprise by giving us motorcycles for the tour. A few months passed in our discussions without much headway.

The members of the group and I were on different wavelengths. I found their approach somewhat casual. Eventually, I dropped out as many of our meetings ended up with me arguing and quarreling with them, as none of the team members saw my point of view and concern about precise planning and the necessity of obtaining legal documents.

I decided to set about it myself. I had known about four other riders who had tried the same journey from India to London in the early 70s and had to return from Iran for the same reason.?? Life got in the way and I completed my Masters in Then I eagerly acquired a Master for myself??? Life just took another turn and thus began an interesting journey of another kind.

I had managed to own a cc motorcycle by then. Over weekends, my wife and I enjoyed some stimulating rides to different rural destinations.?? I made some thrilling long distance trips, too.

From childhood, I had been fascinated by the vastness and the picturesque diversity of our country just by looking at the road map of India that my father had shown me. Motorcycling, gradually, almost sneakily, crept back into being my most enticing fad. A friend and I together introduced and organized the 1 st Motocross in Vadodara City in the year It took the youngsters of the country by storm, leading to the organization of Motocross events every year for the next six years.

In the following years, as a hobby, I managed and organized many motorsports events such as Treasure Hunts, Braille Car Rally, where the navigator is a visually handicapped person and the route map is provided in Braille.

It is a family event and three to four other participants are permitted in a car. Tough Stuff Car Rally in extreme difficult terrains and various different car rallies. Many such events were introduced in Gujarat. I felt a great sense of satisfaction from conceptualizing, organizing and executing such events. My family — my wife Harsha, my daughter Ruchika and my son Rahul — fully supported and enjoyed my various interests and fads.

I was in a state of bliss. Then the unexpected happened. I had a heart attack. I, who took such pride in perfect fitness; I, who exercised regularly, played football and every conceivable game, was laid low by a Heart Attack?????

I survived. I was shell-shocked. Life stood still. The dream of exploring the world on a motorcycle could not be anything more than a fantasy, now, a pipe dream, to be talked about rather agonizingly.???? I went through angioplasty and a stent was placed in my heart.

I interrogated the doctor severely, thoroughly, emphasizing my fitness routine and the impossibility of my being thus struck down. He patiently explained to me that the cause was genetic. He reminded me that my father had had seven heart attacks.

That was true. He had conquered them all but ultimately lost his life due to malignant cancer in the brain. I had to accept the doctor??? This was the time I strongly felt the need to make a wish list, a list of things, I wanted to do before the end. Regaining my health and fulfilling my dream of biking around the world were at the top of the list.

Well, it is ten years now since the divine warning. My children have graduated. Ruchika my daughter is enjoying her work as a journalist and was a copy editor with Autocar in Mumbai and now at Forbes India; Rahul my son is a Chartered Accountant and happily married to Priyanka, a life partner of his choice.

All three of us enjoy the thrill of riding motorbikes. Unbelievable as it may seem, I have fulfilled most of my wish list. The doctor is happy with my fitness; my children are well educated; I have been playing golf regularly since four years; scuba diving is on the pending list; and I have finished the first draft of my travel book — my motorbike journey from Vadodara, a small city in Gujarat State, India, where I live, to London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

I joined the prestigious Gaekwad Baroda Golf Club and won a tournament in the very first year and thoroughly enjoyed the prize — a package of 4 nights and 5 days stay at Alila Diwa, Goa. In , the lure of extensive motorcycle rides was getting stronger by the day. London was calling again. I had not forgotten the importance of thorough planning; I decided to take one step at a time.

To prepare myself for the long journey to London I started long distance rides once again. This got me back in shape and the confidence for a really long distance motorbike venture grew by leaps and bounds. The ride to Leh was very special, indeed.

I had promised my son that his 20 th?? The joy of riding a motorcycle is unparalleled, especially when you ride with your son. The most wonderful part of the ride was from Manali to Leh. On that trip, I watched my son grow up to be a mature young man. I saw him understand the different aspects of riding, especially of safety and timing.

I made him take decisions at difficult times and I followed his instructions without question. In a way, it turned out to be the best gift I had ever given myself. The bond between the son and father became absolute; the unsurpassable barriers drawn by Indian cultural traditions seemed to have disintegrated; Kumar-Rahul returned from Leh as two close friends, with mutual admiration and unshakeable respect for each other. Why London???? Why not London!???

One has to go somewhere, doesn??? But to be frank, I really did not know why I had always thought of riding a motorbike only to London and not anywhere else. It could be a sub-conscious attachment or attraction because I studied under an affectionate British gentleman, our beloved principal Sir Peter Rogerson, in an institution established by the British in the Rajkumar College at Rajkot. Apart from achieving fair success in the cricket matches that we played, the personal highlights of my visit to the UK was watching the finals between India and West Indies where India won the world cup at Lords, for the first time and of course the mesmerizing batting of Kapil Dev???

Apart from all this, spending some lovely time with my friends and my girlfriend??? Completing this task of going to London from India on a bike no less, has definitely been my greatest achievement and there is no stopping here! We shall be crossing 21 countries and 3 continents.

You can learn about this more here. Conclusion Biking has changed my life in many ways.?? I grew more confident as a man,?? Another valuable lesson was how I?? There are many stories as one travels on a motorcycle.

One thing is amazing. If two motorcyclist maybe on a big bike or small bike stop anywhere a conversation breaks out between them, often leading to a cup of coffee. You make good long lasting friends on motorcycle journeys. Other motorcyclists are very helping in case of a breakdown. This is not possible if you travel in a car. So I urge you all to follow your passion!

It is as fulfilling as it can get. I am now 58 years young and it feels great to have accomplished what I set out to achieve.

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The capital already has its fair share of billionaires — but none richer than the new arrival from Qatar. Everywhere you look, the Qataris are there, with investments in 30 countries. Nor are the dividing lines between the two, something that has drawn criticism from NGOs.

However, in his work, one can detect the lingering presence of his engagement with public and intellectual life in s Britain, which was marked by high unemployment, rapid urbanisation and the Irish struggle for independence. After two years of refurbishment, the spacious and welcoming house opened to public on April 19 but awaits a formal inauguration. In the manicured backyard is a life-sized statue of Ambedkar with the Indian Constitution in one hand and the other outstretched with a finger directed at the visitor.

They have to service their loans, they have to pay the banks and not a lot of people are buying. The irony is that Roshan was once a distressed developer forced to sell his. Subscription Notification. We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details. Please update your billing details here.

Paul Roshan interview: meet the man buying London property at a 30 per cent discount

Much has been written about the many economic benefits of globalization and the triumph and spread of democratic liberalism with the end of the Cold War, following the demise of the Soviet Union. This work takes issue with such "wine and roses" perspectives about the future of the Western democracies and their faith-based views on the moral purity of a globalized marketplace. Having highlighted these concerns, this book looks at two major themes. The first theme focuses on the theoretical perception that a "Dark Renaissance" is taking place globally—one in which the Western liberal democracies and its citizens are ill prepared to respond because it exists at the trans-civilization level, bridging the modern to the post-modern world. The second theme focuses on the actual process of state deconstruction that is taking place. This process is leading to what may become the very undoing of the democracies. Drawing together experts from a variety of backgrounds, this work explores the increasing shift away from formal based capitalism and evaluates through case studies how different states are responding to the challenges they face. This work will be of great interest to students and scholars of international political economy. Robert J. Account Options Sign in.

Meet the man who made his fortune from gay club empire

Terry Stubbs says people who walk past him while he's dressed in the greenhouse often smile, while other take photos. Anyone passing through Uxbridge in recent weeks may have noticed a man dressed in a greenhouse. Terry Stubbs has taken the extraordinary measure as a way of not only protecting himself from coronavirus, but also to "put a smile on people's faces". The year-old, who lives in Harefield Road, walked to his girlfriend's house to wish her happy birthday while dressed in the plastic greenhouse, and also walked a seven mile round-trip to see his grandson on his fifth birthday.

Please refresh the page and retry. Access to the 6,acre isle of Foulness is strictly controlled by the Ministry of Defence.

He is the man who came to London and created a vast empire. Not William the Conqueror and his Tower of London, but Tim Martin and his affordable pub chain — beer and burger deals, gaudy carpets and all. Considering he's behind Wetherspoon and its odd UK outlets, Martin could hardly sound more nonchalant over the phone. He's on an exercise bike too, yet his Kiwi drawl he was born in Belfast, partly schooled in New Zealand remains slow and constant and he never gets out of breath.

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By Natalie Corner For Mailonline. It pays to be beautiful if you want to work in one of London's most popular gay bars. That's according to businessman Gary Henshaw, originally from Dublin, who made his millions from his empire owning some of the most successful clubs in London. Ku Bar, in London's Soho, is one such venue, and it's hard to ignore how attractive his staff are.


The reopened Ambedkar House in London holds the key to understanding the man and his inspirations


May 8, - He has made and lost a fortune, but the developer has a plan to buy cut-price prime properties.








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