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However, he learns that her strict father Robert DeNiro expects to be asked for his daughter's hand before she can accept. Thus begins the visit from Hell as the two travel to meet Mom Blythe Danner and Dad, who turns out to be former CIA with a lie detector in the basement. Of course everything that can go wrong, does, including the disappearance of Dad's beloved Himalayan cat, Jinxie. Focker, who are as different from them as can be. As asked in the first movie, what sort of people name their son Gaylord M. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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Meet the Fockers Review

Meeting prospective in-laws can be nerve-wracking. But, on the big screen, the story of two totally incompatible families meeting before their kids' upcoming wedding, is cause for lots of laughter. This is the moment Greg Focker has been dreading. Two years after his engagement to Pam Byrnes his ultra-liberal and rather flaky family finally meets his fiancee's conservative and uptight parents.

The initial greeting between the two fathers is not auspicious. In the first installment, Greg Focker, a male murse, meets his fiancee's parents He puts the young man to the test - literally! Greg has to take a lie detector test - to prove his undying loyalty for Jack's daughter. So, in Meet the Fockers , the stage is set for disaster. The Byrnes spend the weekend at the 'artsy' Focker household in Florida.

Greg's father, Bernie, is a die-hard liberal who has no idea that Jack Byrnes is an ex-CIA operative who despises his future son-in-law. Romeo and Juliet's fueding families pale by comparison to the tension between the Byrnes and the Fockers. The key to what makes Meet the Fockers so funny is not just the story line. The cast is superb. They continue to play off one another as successfully as in Meet the Parents. They are joined this time around by Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand, who play the emotionally and sexually exuberant Bernie and Rosie Focker!

Ben Stiller says the close and long friendship between Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand brought a family atmosphere on the set and on screen. He and I go back a long way," she says. And he was the janitor, to pay for his lessons, he cleaned up. And I was babysitting for my teacher in exchange for classes. I remember Dustin was one of the first of the group to get a job and we were, 'Ah!

Dustin got a job! Meet the Fockers is a heart-warming family comedy. It will not only make you laugh, it may also remind you of the traumatic days when you were faced with meeting the parents. Open main navigation Live TV. Full Schedule. Live Radio. Live TV. English voanews. Learning English learningenglish. Shqip zeriamerikes. Bosanski ba. Srpski glasamerike. Azerbaijani amerikaninsesi. Central Asia. South Asia. Bahasa Indonesia voaindonesia. Khmer voacambodia. Afaan Oromoo voaafaanoromoo.

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More crazy parents: Oh, those Fockers

Not to be underestimated is the cheap thrill of tossing the title into a sentence at every possible opportunity. The fun never ends. Two years later, Greg is finally ready to chuck that trust out the window by introducing Jack and Dina to his own parents, Bernie Dustin Hoffman and Roz Barbra Streisand Focker, who have been described to Jack as a respectable doctor and a lawyer living in Florida. The outgoing message on their answering machine tells a different story -- a disgusting story about chimichangas and their intestinal consequences, as a matter of fact.

In Meet the Fockers— so called because that is the man's family name—the man's own two parents enter the picture, with even more embarrassing results; but this time, despite a fairly strong start, there are times when the comedy is not that funny, just painful. The new film also has much more crude humor than I remember the first one having. True, the first film did get a fair bit of mileage out of the fact that Greg Focker Ben Stiller , real name Gaylord, had a surname that allowed the filmmakers to indulge in more naughty jokes of a certain sort than would normally be possible in a PG film if one vowel were ever-so-slightly different—and there is plenty more of that in the sequel, too.

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‘Meet the Fockers’: One big, happy family? Hah!

Cheap fun, the new comedy "Meet the Fockers" is a modestly amusing follow-up to the modestly amusing comedy "Meet the Parents. Not the Philip Roth, take-no-prisoners funny, in which Jewish identity is good, bad, happy, sad, a historical chip on the shoulder, a sign of radical difference. Rather, the post-Borscht Belt funny of the genial sitcom Jew whose difference is amorphous enough to be thoroughly unthreatening; the Jew as an ethnic accessory that non-Jews on both sides of the camera can enjoy without anxiety, like the cute cabala string Madonna likes to wear. A former C. Not because no man could ever be good enough for his daughter, but because this guy wasn't. The J word wasn't bandied about much in "Meet the Parents," but soon after Greg breached the Byrnes' white-clapboard citadel it was clear why Jack didn't approve: Greg didn't look like Pam's old squeeze, the fair-haired Kevin Owen Wilson. Because no good joke in Hollywood goes untold again and again, the mixed-couple setup receives another extended workout in "Meet the Fockers. De Niro and his slow burn are back on board, accompanied once more by Blythe Danner as his spectral wife, Dina.

Meet the Fockers

In the eternal quest for cinematic gems hidden in the weekly TV listings, here's what I'll be watching or at least recording this weekend:. When : 7 p. Thursday Dec. Friday morning Dec.

They say you can't choose your family, but Jay Roach has done a superb job in picking his familias horribilis for this follow up to 's surprise smash, Meet The Parents. With De Niro already in place as the surly, paranoid father-of-fiancee, the mix is enriched with the dream team of Hoffman and Streisand as Greg's all-too-easygoing mom 'n' pop.

U ntil now, the only joke in general circulation about the German name "Focker" has been the celebrated legend about the legless air ace Douglas Bader addressing the pupils of Cheltenham Ladies College about his wartime exploits: "So this fokker comes at me from out of the sun Jack turns to his wife in private and hisses: "Oh my God. Pam's middle name is Martha. That would make her

Meet the Parents

Discover four movies that are skipping theaters to bring Tom , Beanie , and a talking dog to your home in May. Watch the video. Male nurse Greg Focker meets his girlfriend's parents before proposing, but her suspicious father is every date's worst nightmare.

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Meeting prospective in-laws can be nerve-wracking. But, on the big screen, the story of two totally incompatible families meeting before their kids' upcoming wedding, is cause for lots of laughter. This is the moment Greg Focker has been dreading. Two years after his engagement to Pam Byrnes his ultra-liberal and rather flaky family finally meets his fiancee's conservative and uptight parents. The initial greeting between the two fathers is not auspicious.

Opposites Detract: Jew vs. Blueblood

Meet the Parents is a film series following the character Greg Focker Ben Stiller as he interacts with his family and in-laws. Before the remake in , there was the original film, a American independent comedy film written by Greg Glienna and Mary Ruth Clarke. Glienna also directed and starred in the film as the male protagonist, Greg. The film is about a young man meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time and the problems that arise when the girl's father takes a disliking to him. Several years after the film's release, Universal Pictures purchased the rights to the independent film. After hiring screenwriter Jim Herzfeld to expand the script, a new version of Meet the Parents was filmed and released in October Greg and Pam travel to Pam's parents' house to attend Pam's sister's wedding.

Male nurse Greg Focker(Ben Stiller) is poised to propose to his girlfriend but first he has to get past her cat Apr 6, - Uploaded by YouTube Movies.

It was followed by a sequel, Little Fockers , in But rather than going to the airport as planned, Jack decides to drive the family to Miami to meet the Fockers in his new RV. Once they arrive, they are greeted by Greg's eccentric but fun-loving and amiable father, Bernie, a lawyer-turned-stay-at-home-dad, and Greg's mother, Roz, who is a sex therapist for elderly couples. Concerned that Jack might be put off by the Fockers' lifestyle, Greg convinces Roz to pretend that she is a yoga instructor for the weekend. However, small cracks begin to form between Jack and the Fockers, due to their contrasting personalities.

Instead, Greg has been turned into a neurotic who is unappealingly anxious about whether his own parents will pass the Byrnes test of propriety. Neither does Meet the Fockers , exactly. Roz is a sex therapist who specializes in revving up the libidos of oldsters; Bernie is a lawyer-turned-househusband who loves every ringletted hair on the head of his caftaned wife.

If you went to " Meet The Parents " , you will probably find yourself going to "Meet the Fockers," because having met one set of crazy parents, you are curious about the other set. Also, you may be the kind of person who finds it entertaining to mention that you are on your way to meet the Fockers. When the MPAA objected to the title, by the way, the filmmakers produced several real people who said they were Fockers, and proud of it.





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