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Is it ok if my boyfriend has female friends

Can men have female friends? My boyfriend has a lot of female friends. If I were sixteen I'd be in a perpetual panic about the sea of hot, smart, funny women he calls his friends. But I'm not.

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A sensitive and common issue for women is when they are confronted by the reality that their man has a best girl friend or multiple female friends.

Women begin to ask questions such as, is she prettier than me? Is he attracted to her? Does she like him? Do they hangout alone? These seemingly inevitable questions begin to snowball, leaving the woman feeling insecure and afraid. As a female, I can absolutely understand where these women are coming from.

I mean, shouldn't we be enough for our man? Why does he need other close female relationships? While I can empathize with these women, I am here to conclude that, well, yes.

Your boyfriend is allowed to have female friends. The reality is, we can't expect our man to only have male friendships. It's unreasonable and arguably, a bit unhealthy as well. Women have the capability to offer perspectives and insight in their own creative ways.

To have only one sex of the human species in our lives would be impractical and limiting to our growth, and we can't expect our man to be the exception to that. You might be thinking, well what if they have a romantic history? What if he is clearly attracted to her, and how do I keep from being jealous of his female friends?

I want to emphasize that there are certainly exceptions to when female friends may be appropriate versus inappropriate. While it is okay for a man in a relationship to have girl friends, it is still his responsibility to communicate his female friendships with his partner and be open about them.

It's not to say that he must tell his partner everything about them, but being open enough about the dynamic he has between these friends so that the woman's fearful thoughts may be put at ease. There's nothing more suspicious to a woman in a committed relationship than when her man has a female friend that he often speaks with and spends time with, but yet, never talks about.

In addition, it's critical to acknowledge that even if a woman chooses to accept the female friends of her man, it is unreasonable to assume that she will not still have those same fearful thoughts from time to time.

Hence, the importance of communication and creating an environment where intentions are understood and both people are respectful to one another. If this scenario is something you are currently going through, it is important to remember that you are the one your man is choosing to be with each and every day, and he wouldn't be with you if he wanted someone else.

As long as your relationship consists of trust, respect, and communication, do not fret, and enjoy your relationship to its fullest potential. Facebook Comments.

Yes, Your Boyfriend Is Allowed To Have Female Friends

Questions like: How close is he to that female friend? How often do they hang out? Do they spend time alone? How sexy is she?

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It is common to start feeling jealous if your partner is having a good time with someone of the opposite sex. But, before you jump to conclusions, remember that jealousy is a killer for any relationship. Every healthy relationship is built on trust and includes showing respect towards his family, friends, and colleagues, and vice versa. It is important that he trusts you, just like it is necessary for you to have faith in him if a long-term relationship is what you both are interested in. By accepting his female friends, you are showing that you have an open-mind and that you trust him enough to be around other people.

10 signs you should be worried about his female friends

Copyright Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Regn No E. All rights reserved. Here are seven situations you should look out for, then have a chat with your man to allay your fears about them. There must be a reason why these girls dislike you. Especially if your relationship is a serious one, they should be trying to get to know you too. Also look out for friends who constantly tease him — but never with you. Being in a healthy relationship means being open about your thoughts, feelings, and everyday stuff. True story: "My husband and I have hot 'sex' even though we're ph

Deal with your boyfriends female friend

Even the most stable and healthy relationships can be rocked to their cores when one partner has a close friendship with a member of the opposite sex. If your boyfriend has a female friend you may wonder if he is cheating on you. You may also experience feelings of jealousy about the time he spends with her. That's normal. But it's important for you to try to trust your boyfriend and not immediately expect the worse.

Should we share our discomfort with our man? Rebecca is in a similar situation.

In a recent Reddit thread , a woman asked whether she should be worried about the disproportionate number of women among her boyfriend's friends. While having friends of the opposite sex may seem completely innocent, she cited some pretty suspicious-sounding behavior. He tells these friends he loves them over social media and once shared a bed with a friend who also happens to be his ex. The poster wondered if she should she be concerned, or if the green monster was just getting the best of her?

Why It’s Okay For Your Boyfriend To Have Female Friends

Keep My Guy , Understand Men. The real question at play is this: can a man and a woman be friends without an undercurrent of romance? As with anything else, the answer to this question depends on who you ask in a scientific study. While the movies have pursued this more than social science has, still, we have a little bit of data we can examine to find an answer for you.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Can Men Have Female Friends?

A sensitive and common issue for women is when they are confronted by the reality that their man has a best girl friend or multiple female friends. Women begin to ask questions such as, is she prettier than me? Is he attracted to her? Does she like him? Do they hangout alone? These seemingly inevitable questions begin to snowball, leaving the woman feeling insecure and afraid.

Should My Boyfriend Have Female Friends?

Now what? You might be surprised to know a boyfriend with female friends is a good thing. Of course, you have scumbags that are sleeping with all those friends, but for the most part, these guys are good if you can get past your insecurities. He understands women. A guy that hangs out with women often gets a much needed education into the way women think and act.

Jul 13, - If it's okay for a man to connect with women, why shouldn't he create If he has a lot of female friends, and you believe him when he tells you  12 answers.

Are you having a hard time dealing with your boyfriend's female friends? It's common to find that your boyfriend had many female friends especially if he's good-looking , even before you met him. There will be days when he will be with his female friends, which may cause you a pang of jealousy and emotional pain. These steps will help eliminate the problem that a female friend may be causing in your relationship. Was this helpful?







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