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How to get your power back as a woman

It can be just about anyone: your partner, your boss, your friend, your mother-in-law …. And what they do best is make you believe that you have to bend over backwards to please them. Before you know it, you lose your personal power — that dazzling thing that makes you feel strong, confident, unique and loved. A toxic person has power over you because they exploit your insecurities.

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9 Ways To Take Your Power Back In A Relationship, According To An Expert

You receive a text message and you hope it is your boyfriend. You receive a phone call and you hope it is your boyfriend calling. If any of these feelings apply to you, you might be in an unhealthy relationship. Do you feel a lack in trust? Has he ever lied to you and did you ever suspect him cheating on you? Also, since you are reading this blog, you already know there is something off and you are searching for answers to validate your questionings. What is he doing that makes you uncomfortable, sad, angry?

Does he make you lose your self-esteem? Does he make you feel like you need him? There is a very important aspect which is the basis of a relationship- power dynamics! Here are some tips that can help you get your power back and become that strong, independent woman you have always wanted to be. That you can no longer tolerate his behavior towards you and it needs to end now! This is the most important step because if you are not set mentally on changing your outlook and his ways, there will be a backlash and you will just be in a endless cycle.

All your efforts will be wasted if you are not strong enough to NOT give in! And along with this decision, having greater self-respect becomes the backbone of your mission!

Always tell yourself:. Until you have confidence in yourself and respect yourself, then you will be strong enough to overcome your emotional attachment to your man.

You are therefore a good mate. Again, respond 2 or 3 hours later. This attributes to the concept of rarity and specialness. You are. If you feel you must call him back, call him back not 5 minutes later but 2 or 3 hours later. Most phones have the option to post a personal banner on your screen. Or post a flaw you absolutely hate about him or a flaw about him that makes you feel demeaned.

Post a flaw about him you dislike very much. Go outside, get some vitamin D. Studies prove that people are happier in the sun because of the light that is exposed to them!

Make new friends, go to clubs, meet new guys, of course being unfaithful is out of the question but flirting is no harm! Get a manicure, go to the gym, be in your best shape, or even buy yourself some new clothes. Overall, take care of yourself and pay attention to yourself! These men take control and the women become weak. NEVER call twice in a row. If you have tried this tactic of not being clingy or needy, and he still shows the same behavior and no change in character, he just might not be worth it.

Trust me. Endnote: Never deem any relationship as a waste of time because you always learn something from it. Failed relationships only lead you one step closer to a successful, meaningful relationship where both parties grow together. So if your relationship or marriage ended up in a break up or divorce, it can be viewed in a good light because you have become STRONGER than you were before.

Hi, this is a comment. I have been thinking about your article all day. Can I briefly explain my situation to you, and asked you one question about the hour rule? Two years ago I met this guy who lives in Maryland, and I live in Alabama. We have met each other parents, family, etc. We fall asleep and wake-up still on the phone.

This is Monday-Friday, mostly and majority everyday of the year. Lately, he has been a little distance like not sending me lovely emails or making me feel super special like he has before. I love him so much and I believe he loves me, too. So how do I handle it? And one other question, are you married? I am not married but I am in a long, and loving relationship. I just finished schooling and my career is really on a take off. Of course he will be angry because he might not be used to it.

It is time to reverse the power shift Sharon. In addition, I would advise you to evaluate your relationship and see why you might feel some insecurities, is there a underlying trust issue or is it just the long-distance getting in the way?

And do you really want that in a relationship? What is a priority to you? Also, do you really think you love him, when you have only spent months knowing him, You also mentioned that you are states away. He may really be somewhat distant lately because the honeymoon stage is maybe over…and the long-distance factor is really kicking in. Been seeing this guy for about a year and I used to be in control of ALL my feelings and he was always the one wanting to go over and beyond for me.

Each time I try to ignore his calls or act busy? He enjoys the power he has over me and somehow he feels I cannot get back the control I had in the first 6months. I think not. Insecurity can be a large root to pull under many problems. Perhaps, your relationship should be reevaluated, and maybe you should think if he is really the right guy for you. You should ask yourself, why is he making me feel insecure? Is it cause I have my own issues to worry about or is it really because of him?

Once you regain your independence and security, I think the relationship will run a lot smoother. Sometimes it is okay to feel helpless or lost control because you really are in love with him but is that just puppy love, is that real love? These feelings of insecurity can happen initially and for a small amount of period, but they should not be permanent. I think you need to first find out the root cause of your insecurity.

I hope that answered your question! And that, my dear, works both ways. Thank you so much. I see now that my bf has been trying all these tactics on me. Now its time for him to pay. He he. Hey this helped me so much and opened up my eyes. I got one more question. Yes men could be all about sex, but that is not what defines a relationship. One of the more important factors is the way you communicate with him. Sex should be an equally shared experience.

You should enjoy sex, and in fact, you should take charge if you feel like you are in the mood. Just try to modify your communication with him first, before changing up your bedroom plans.

I have tried so hard to get the relationship to work but seems as if he is taking me for granted. Hello, I love this article, thank you! I am in need of advice please, here is my dilemma, my boyfriend and I have decided to try our relationship again after a year and a half of breaking up. The first time around, he was playing a lot of games so I walked away before it got worse without saying a word.

For a year and a half, he continued to contact me and I ignored him every time. Eventually, He worked his way back and I gave him another chance. Within two months of getting back together, he did a degree change and is back to those same games. I was fed up and sent him a message the next day about how I was feeling.

I waited hours before calling him back and when I finally did he gave me an unreasonable excuse with an apology. We made up and only a few hours later, we got into another argument about me going out with my friends that night and not telling him. I just want to be in control again but it seems like his controlling ways and disrespectful actions are pushing me further away. In addition, I am currently attending school in another city, therefore my time is limited when I am home.

Ultimately, it feels like the honeymoon stage ended before it really began. Is it too late for me to regain my power or should we just let it go altogether? Thank you! Me and my fiance have been together 1 year. He had nothing but good to say to me…..

How to Take Your Power Back!

What does that even feel like? A loss of power has you feeling weak and unable to stand up for yourself. No matter what the situation the common feeling is fear-based. And usually anxiety follows, causing even more loss of power. Second, tune into your heart and look at the fear.

You receive a text message and you hope it is your boyfriend. You receive a phone call and you hope it is your boyfriend calling.

We make them for everything all the time without even realizing it, pointing the finger at someone or something else, anything or anyone but ourselves. Blaming people? Who me? No way!

Women Only: 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Power

Even with that extra squirt of Lynx, when it comes to the mating game she holds all the cards. Your move: The easiest way to show your worth? Bask in some female attention. Seeing other women talking to you acts as a mental shortcut," says Buffington. She's got the body of Scarlett Johansson and the wit of Sarah Silverman, trouble is, she knows it. According to a University of Texas study the more highly she rates herself, the harder she'll make you work. Counteract this by bringing her down a peg or two. A good example: "I would have really fancied you if you were blonde.

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We want to feel like we're loved as much as we love, but sometimes it's hard not to feel like we're giving more than we're getting in our relationships. Whether it's us reaching out more, giving more, calling more, or simply caring more, even if there's not an imbalance, feeling like there is can spell death to a couple.

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Woman,get your power back.

In a perfect world, all relationships would be healthy, happy ones where both partners feel like equals in every sense. You might not initially see it as a big deal if your partner tends to take the lead more than you, but if it becomes clear that they wield all the power in your relationship, it can lead to conflict down the road — conflict brought on by feelings of anger, resentment, neglect, sadness, and more. But what does it mean to have power in a relationship in the first place?

I cringe when I see the injustices still practiced against women: sexual abuse and harassment, discrimination and prejudice, overwhelming pressure to fit a perfect image, and the slew of actions aimed to keep us submissive and suppressed. And I know that the sexual scandals rocking TV, film, and politics will serve both to uncloak blatant abuse of male power and catalyze much-needed change for women across the world. The way I see it, learning to love yourself and growing into your inherent power are two separate arts. One can stem from the other, but you must master both. Loving yourself means you choose circumstances that promote your well-being; manifesting your power means you create your own circumstances.

10 Steps to Taking Your Power Back From a Toxic Person


May 13, - Here are some tips that can help you get your power back and become that strong, independent woman you have always wanted to be.


How To Regain The Upper Hand In Your Relationship


Take back the power






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