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Girl meets world fanfiction obscurity

Riley took her place in the lecture hall towards the back for the Student Council meeting and realizing how early she was opened her book to study, which was short lived. There's someone new joining us until the homecoming dance in a couple weeks. Some sort of disciplinary thing. She had her fingers in everything regarding this school. Farkle had a look of realization, "come to think of it, his name was on the memo I received. He's the 'someone new' that's joining us.

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Lucas stroked Riley's tangled hair, she still hadn't woken up and he was just thanking God Riley was so organized. Josh had little issue filling out information now that he found her planner, everything was in there.

Medical cards, her doctor's phone number, driver's license, there was a perk to being a nerd. The nurse came in with a needle, "alright I'm gonna need you to back up, I need to take her blood so we can run a few tests. The doctor will come in and explain things to her brother in just a few moments.

Lucas, hello. Okay I'm worn out. The blue eyed girl gestured towards the nurse who started drawing a few vials to continue. The brunette closed her eyes and tried to recall, "I just remember drinking some water and my headache got really bad all of a sudden and that's when I fainted.

The heavy wooden door shut and left them alone again, "I'm sorry everyone for making a scene. I didn't mean to faint upstairs. Something that is black and blue. You're sick, and we're going to figure out what's wrong with you and you'll get better. Josh's phone rang and he put it on speaker. No, we just know her blood pressure is low and they took some blood to run a few tests.

We're trying to get there as soon as possible. Traffic is crazy in the city. Please honey keep us updated. Of course mom. Love you bye. Her brother hung up the phone, "do you need anything sis? You hungry, thirsty? Besides you aren't going to find any here in the hospital cafeteria. There was a knock on the door, "good evening.

Seems as if you've had quite a shock tonight. The quarterback interrupted, "and her heart was beating really fast earlier. I don't really know how fast it should've been beating, but not that quickly. The doctor nodded, "first let me introduce myself I'm Dr. Tate, and currently bloodwork is being done right now but the nurse came up to me and-" He interrupted himself, "if I could have everyone leave the room except for her brother.

Do you normally get headaches when you're on your period? Women go years experiencing anemia like symptoms and never knowing the cause, they just brush it off. Basically anemia-". My body needs iron to create hemoglobin which brings oxygen to my body.

The doctor cleared his throat, "basically once we get the results back we'll know how much iron her body needs and we'll more than likely do an iron infusion. His gaze turned back to the doctor, "continue. This won't change your life you'll just have to tweak a few things, but I highly recommend you go see your OB and get put on birth control. That's embarrassing enough. It normalizes the blood flow, making it not as heavy.

Anyways, we should be getting the results soon. I'll be back. Her dainty hand landed on his, "I have to have another stupid needle, but other than that I'm okay. I'm more than likely anemic, which is why the steak helped me earlier, red meat is iron filled and iron is what I need. So I am probably getting an iron infusion and I should be out of here in a few hours. How her rolling down the stairs just about broke his heart and her not waking up made him want to cry for the first time since he was 8.

Riley snickered, "how about steak and eggs peaches? The people in this room were all that mattered to her, and they were the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Everyone was sitting in the living room while Riley was self-consciously chowing down on steak. You don't have to keep all eyes on me. Especially while I eat, making me feel weird. What else is new? Riley held his gaze with a smile. It may have been rude to invite himself over, but he didn't really care.

She already felt terrible about missing last week. Josh threw a glare her direction and after thinking about it he nodded. He was Topanga's favorite. Matthews stated as a matter of fact.

The green eyed man waited for the sound of the door shutting before practically kicking Josh out of his seat. His meadow eyes studied her face but somehow always found their way back to her eyes. How could plain old brown ones be so, captivating? I missed you. It scared me, you scared me. Then the doctor kicking us out, the nurses messing up on your IV, basically it was pure torture. Or hold your hand," His fingers intertwined with hers, "Or see you smile. I wanted to take your pain away," His eyes motioned to the bruises on her arm from the IV, "and take away your fears of that damn needle.

Maya was pretending to wipe some tears away, "That was incredibly sweet. Say all that sappy romantic crap when you two are alone- No, you two will never be alone! Everyone went back to their own conversations and the quarterback turned towards his crush.

Though he knew it was much more than just a 'crush'. Don't look over there. The quarterback noticed her smile, "you like me calling you baby? Riley's eyes flew open, "it was a dream. The brunette almost flew off of her bed, her hand covered her mouth. What time is it? Holy mother of all that is holy that scared me.

The quarterback pulled out his phone, "3 o'clock in the morning. I couldn't sleep, I kept thinking about you. So I crawled in through your window, you don't remember me asking you if I could sleep on the window? Please don't be mad. She gulped and disagreed, "I'm not mad at all, I feel like I should be creeped out but I'm not. I just wasn't expecting you, um I'm sorry you can't sleep. What were you thinking about?

Sometimes talking helps relieve the emotion, which relieves anxiety so you can sleep. I guess I just needed to make sure you were okay. Riley giggled, "lock the door. The brunette let out a heavy sigh, "get in. He used one arm as a pillow and stroked her hair with his other hand. Her eyes closed, absorbing the embrace, trying to not forget this moment. A tumor? Or a deadly disease? What if you had fainted when you were driving?

You could've crashed and been paralyzed, or worse. Friar , "I just met you, I don't want to lose you. Riley's lips ached for his, so she inched closer, wrapping her leg through Lucas' and with one quick motion pressed her lips against his.

Lucas' strong hands caressed her body, admiring her curves and doing what they do best, holding her. She let out a soft moan and climbed on top of him, Riley had no idea what came over her this wasn't how she normally acted. Lucas made her do crazy things, almost like she couldn't control herself around him.

Her hand slipped under his shirt and felt the distinct muscle. The brunette pulled away against his will and lifted up his shirt, her jaw dropped. Oh okay, because that's normal for a junior.

It's mine, and though I wish I could blame her bullying on something, I can't blame it on Lucas. This is something she's done for years and I don't really know why. What had she done that bothered the 'queen bee' so much?

Maya stepped back at his firm tone but stood her ground letting her pride consume her. Now leave. Josh continued to glare at his girlfriend, "Maya, I love you with all of my heart but I'm about to say some stuff to you and you damn well better listen.

Lucas stroked Riley's tangled hair, she still hadn't woken up and he was just thanking God Riley was so organized. Josh had little issue filling out information now that he found her planner, everything was in there. Medical cards, her doctor's phone number, driver's license, there was a perk to being a nerd. The nurse came in with a needle, "alright I'm gonna need you to back up, I need to take her blood so we can run a few tests.

Riley looked from side to side with a knowing grin, "Boys let's give these two some privacy. The door shut, effectively leaving Josh and Maya in the room alone, "Hey. How could brown eyes be so captivating? So beautiful. Josh still didn't reply so she broke her stare and feigned an interest in the disgusting blue carpet that seriously needed to be cleaned. I thought I was losing my best friend, my sister which is really no excuse but I couldn't- I have no excuse and I can't believe I messed you and I up in the pr-"She was cut off by Josh. His lips crashed against hers in one fluid motion and caught her off guard, exuding all the passion he'd bottled up the past few days. His tongue brushed against her lips and she happily let him in.

Her eyes consistently flipping from her crush to Charlie and back again. Oh God, Lucas! No, no, no. Didn't realize that was wrong of me. Damn it!

Mahatma Ghandi once said that 'it has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honored by the humiliation of their fellow beings'.

The blue eyed girl nodded, "it's weird actually. She sees everyone as perfect, no flaws but when she talks about herself flaws are the only thing she sees. Lucas still couldn't understand why she did that.

She cringed realizing who it was that caught her, gross. Riley was gone. Riley printed off the schedules for the football season, one copy for each player and a few extras for good measure.

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Riley slipped on her heels and ensured everything she'd need was in her bag, before driving to school. She was extremely brilliant, and active in school but no one ever seemed to know who she was. Besides her 2 best friends, Farkle and Maya, as well as her brother Josh. She pulled into her usual parking spot where her blonde best friend was waiting for her. You look hot!


"Excuse you?" Maya stepped back at his firm tone but stood her ground letting her pride consume her. "Is there a reason why my best friend in this entire world is.








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