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Getting back with your ex girlfriend after a long time

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If you and your ex have been apart for over a year, then you need a completely different strategy to get your ex back. A lot has probably changed in that year and you need to analyze the situation with your ex before making a move. All these factors will affect your strategy to get them back, but first you need to realize why you want to get back together? What happened?

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Getting back with an ex after years apart

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By Chris Seiter. I was actually asked that last one a few days ago and I will admit that I had to stop and think for a moment. Well, I pride myself on helping men and women in what seem like the most impossible of situations. In fact, I am reminded of the time that I actually helped a woman get her ex boyfriend back after she cheated on him. Now, I realize that Ex Girlfriend Recovery is a website that is meant for men who are trying to get their girlfriends back and I just referenced a woman who got her boyfriend back but the point I was trying to make is that I take a certain amount of pride in helping people who are in what seem to be like impossible to recover from situations.

So, I put this little section together for the skeptics out there who think I am just in this for the money and are just telling men what they want to hear. The truth is that if you are in this situation then I want you to know that you have the odds stacked against you and it is going to take some serious commitment on your part if you are going to pull this off. In my experience when it comes to overcoming the seemingly impossible there are two types of people.

Out of all the men who come to this site and face resistance from their exes which type of fear controls them? What are your chances of getting your ex back? No matter how difficult your situation may be, you may still have a chance. Find Out Now. Maltz began to notice that any time he would give someone a nose job it would take them about 21 days to get used to seeing their new face. According to a study conducted in it takes the average person 66 days to form a new habit. My theory is that if you give your girlfriend enough time she will eventually get out of the habit of thinking about you.

In other words, the men out there who are trying to get their ex girlfriend back immediately after the breakup have this habit thing in their favor and you do not if you are trying to get your ex back after a year or more apart. Well, what if I told you that I think I have found a way to drastically improve your chances of winning your ex girlfriend back after years apart?

Rather than listening to me set this entire section up with some useless fluff lets just get right down to business, what do you say?

I have taken the liberty of coming up with a very solid game plan to help you get your ex back if you have been apart for at least a year. Side Note: If I keep getting off topic you have my full permission to slap my upside the head and tell me to get back on topic.

If you look at the graphic above you will notice that there are four main strategies that are going to be the lifeblood of what I talk about today. So, as I am sure you have guessed I am going to go down this list one by one and teach you how to master each of these things. Above I explained that if you find yourself in a position where you are wanting your ex back years after the breakup then you have a lot of obstacles to overcome.

Well, I am very much into NOT misleading people so I figured it would be nice if I put together this little section to explain if you have a chance or not. So, I guess the first thing I want to let you in on is my way of looking at a mans chances of getting back with his ex girlfriend.

I have had the pleasure of dealing with thousands of relationships and with those dealings comes a lot of experience. As a result of that experience I have slowly but surely began to notice trends in what were the hardest situations for an ex to succeed in. While I would like nothing more than to assign an overall percentage for those men out there who are trying to get their ex back after a year or more apart I cannot.

So, what I would like to do now is address each of these questions and tell you if you have a decent chance of success with regards to each of them. Again, the three factors that we are going to be looking at are,. I figured I would start with the worst case scenario first since I am of the mind that I would rather have the band aid ripped off all at once first rather than one side at a time. I am talking about at this very moment right now.

Well, theoretically that means that it should take your ex 66 days to fully break the habit of thinking about you. In other words, she will have gotten over you in 66 days. Obviously there are other factors at play that determine how serious she is about the current guy she is with that can either help you or hurt you.

In other words, if your ex girlfriend has been dating her current boyfriend for at least a year it hurts your chances. So, allow me to give you a little tease into what we are going to be talking about with the habit effect. While there are a lot of reasons for why I think the no contact rule is a great strategy for getting your ex back but I often describe it as a reset button.

The no contact rule can almost be compared to that. Now, women are obviously not gaming consoles with reset buttons but the analogy of the no contact rule will get you as close to a reset as possible.

Oh, and for those of you who are rolling your eyes about what I am saying I just want you to know that I have experience with a horrible breakup. Nope, we fought all throughout the relationship and the breakup only made the fighting more hurtful and intense. So, I totally get it when people talk about horrible breakups. My point to you though is that sometimes a lot of time passing can be advantage so if you are sitting there wondering,.

If anything, it will help you. The grass is greener syndrome is something that hardly anyone every mentions when talking about trying to get an ex girlfriend back after this amount of time apart.

She only had this belief for a split second but that split second soon evolved into minutes to hours to days and finally to months. Eventually she was so consumed with the thought that she could do better than you that she decided to act on it and broke up with you. In other words, if your ex girlfriend breaks up with you and finds someone who fulfills her needs better than you did then the grass was indeed greener on the other side.

These two outcomes can definitely have an impact on your ex especially if the two of you broke up years ago. This is only the outcome if your ex girlfriend broke up with you and at some point dated someone who she felt fulfilled her more.

Whatever man she has given the best grade to is always going to be the mark to beat for the rest of her life. Now, this is where things get a little more complicated. It tells us that the boyfriend grade can change from the start of the relationship to the end of a relationship.

For example, if you started out with a boyfriend grade of an A and ended with a boyfriend grade of an F then that probably means you cheated, fought a lot or did something for her to mark your score down from an A.

Lets explore a hypothetical situation so I can answer why this is such an important thing to grasp. However, after Guy 3 your chances are seriously going to be hindered because his score was better than yours.

In other words, now when she is looking for a guy she is always going to be comparing everyone she meets to Guy 3. Well, you only finished with a B. Your ex girlfriend already knows what you are all about and what you can bring to the table and in the time you were apart she found someone who eclipsed your score.

First though, we need to stop with the negativity and start looking at the GIGS in a positive light by looking at those situations where it can help you. Lets just dive right in to how the GIGS can actually help you if you and your ex girlfriend are far removed from your breakup. I would like to take our example above about the three guys your ex dated after your breakup to make a few points.

Again, your ex girlfriend gave you a boyfriend score of a A after your breakup. However, the three guys she dated after you had different scores than before,. It means that every guy that your ex girlfriend dated after you was a bum. It means that YOU still hold the standard boyfriend grade that she is grading every man she meets against.

You are going to be that one guy in her past that she will always remember as the best boyfriend she ever dated. Before I get into that let me first explain the little advantage that you do have on your side if you are trying to get an ex girlfriend back after this much time apart. Generally speaking most men try to win their exes back a few months after the breakup. Think about it, the biggest disadvantage that a guy trying to get his ex back immediately after a breakup has is the fact that the breakup is still fresh on his exes mind.

In other words, trying to get an ex girlfriend back when the breakup is still fresh on her mind can be a disadvantage. Above I mentioned that it takes the average human being 66 days to either form or truly break a habit. In other words, it will realistically take 66 days for an ex girlfriend to fully get out of the habit of thinking about how she was wrong, how depressed she is, etc. However, a man that is trying to get her back well past that 66 day mark will be dealing with a woman who has probably forgiven or at least gotten out of the habit of being so angry.

Each decide that the best way to win their exes heart back is by self improvement. In other words, becoming the type of man that is not just attractive to her but attractive to all women in general. Using our knowledge about habits we know that it takes 66 days for anyone to form a new habit. In other words, to truly become a better version of yourself you are going to have to stay committed to self improvement for at least 66 days to see the type of change that will make an impression on an ex girlfriend.

Which man will have a better chance of blowing his ex away with how good he looks or how much he has changed for the better? Above I mentioned that there are two big advantages that a man who is trying to get his ex back after a year has over a man who is trying to get his ex back immediately after a breakup. According to statistics it is going to take your ex 66 days of not associating you with bad feelings to get out of the habit of..

How long it takes your ex girlfriend to DE-associate you with the negative feelings that go along with a breakup is completely up to her. I would much rather prefer to look at the actionable things you can do to improve your chances of getting her back with The Habit Effect. In fact, I have helped multiple men get back on their feet after a breakup just by helping them see the fact that improving themselves only benefits themselves. Besides, you would be shocked just how many women want their exes back after they have seen a positive change in them.

Again, it takes 66 days for a new habit to be formed so in this year away from your ex girlfriend have you spent 66 days in a row working on self improvement? You can learn about the holy trinity here. So far I have talked a lot about what it takes to get an ex girlfriend back if the two of you have been apart for years. When it comes to Ex Girlfriend Recovery and this specific situation one of the most popular questions that I get is,.

Well, I am a big proponent of things unfolding naturally. Then one day out of the blue this person calls you and tries to have a conversation with you for an hour. Instead of running the risk of freaking your ex girlfriend out you should take things really slowly.

Commit to the slow approach by texting her, slowly building up the attraction and then you can move on to more advanced things. I have always found that more often than not, the people who end up getting the best results when it comes to getting an ex back are able to make the process seamless.

They look at it like a natural interaction between two human beings. How can you get your ex use to texting you every day like when the two of you first started dating? Of course, for our visually challenged readers I will give you a quick crash course on what the tides are.

Oh, perhaps I should mention that you live in Hawaii a tropical paradise , so going to the beach is a treat.

How To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back After Years Apart

When an ex breaks up with you—he or she is done. Breakups naturally generate such powerful nauseating emotions that your dumper ex finds himself or herself in a huge emotional turmoil. Since your ex has made a selfish decision to break up with you, your ex also needs a strong motive to come back. There is no such thing as accidental breakups as breakups happen for a reason.

Have you broken up several years ago but still wondering if it is possible to get back with that ex? Other times you just mature or are faced with certain life lessons that push you to understand mistakes that you may have committed in the past. You are left wanting a second chance because you firmly believe that your ex may be the one or simply because you strongly believe that you can both be really happy together.

By Chris Seiter. I was actually asked that last one a few days ago and I will admit that I had to stop and think for a moment. Well, I pride myself on helping men and women in what seem like the most impossible of situations. In fact, I am reminded of the time that I actually helped a woman get her ex boyfriend back after she cheated on him.

How To Get Your Ex Back After a Year or More Apart

The key to getting your ex back after being apart for years is to make sure that when you contact her, you are now ready to give her the attraction experience she always wanted from you. If you try to get her back while making the same old attraction mistakes that you made years ago e. For example: A guy might have been insecure in his relationship with his ex, which was one of the main reasons she broke up with him. On the other hand, if he remains emotionally strong and confident and uses humor to attract her and lighten the mood, she will drop her guard. If she gets the sense that he has matured, she will be more open to meeting up with him in person to experience the new him. He was just wondering aimlessly from dead-end job to dead-end job without following through on any of his big dreams or goals. He has no big goals, no dreams and no ambitions.

6 Tips For Getting an Ex Back After Being Apart For Years




Getting Back With An Ex After Years




Aug 24, - And this motive—just like your ex's emotions could also take a very, very long time. So unless you plan on living until you're years old, I don't.








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