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Men, acquaint yourself with what not to say to a woman on her period, especially during that dreaded week of period torture! From handling the ongoing biological effects of periods, such as submerging yourself under period pain, constant bloating and dreadful cramps, to physiologically having a heightened sense of irritability and no-holds-barred emotions, it can be a complete hell ride. Keep yourself distant from the fact that honesty is the best policy during this time. Her period week is never the right time to point to her mistakes, argue over inconsequential topics or pick on her past mistakes. Keep in mind that her emotions are simply all over the place and her mood is actually down in the dumps. Never even attempt to call your better half fat while she is on with her chums.

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8 sweet texts every girl expects from her boyfriend when she is on her period!

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Most women bleed every month. This you know. Knowing what to do when your girlfriend is on her period can feel like a shot in the dark. Our vaginas are bleeding and our emotions are on a roller coaster. We feel like laughing one minute and crying the next. Read on! One of the best ways you can be supportive of your girlfriend during her period is to take some time to learn about what is happening in her body.

This will give you the tools you need to communicate with your other half in a way that makes her feel loved and empowered. And trust us when we say that this will go a long way. The first thing we are going to cover is what happens in each phase of the menstrual cycle. The Menstrual Phase.

The menstrual phase is the time when she has her period. It can last anywhere from 1 to 7 days, depending on her body.

What happens during this phase is that her uterus begins to shed its lining—this is where her period blood comes from. Having cramps is a normal, albeit unpleasant, symptom during this phase. They are caused by her uterus contracting in order to shed the lining. The Follicular Phase. The follicular phase starts at the same time that her period starts, but lasts up to 13 days.

One of these egg cells will mature and, during this time, the uterus will begin to develop a new lining. The Ovulation Phase. This phases only lasts a couple of days, at most. The Luteal Phase. The egg hangs out in her fallopian tube during the luteal phase—but only for about 24 hours. The entire process starts all over again. It can be a bit confusing but these are just the basics. There are lots of stereotypes about how women act during their period.

Seriously, not cool. Still, others say that they want to eat everything in sight and hide in their bed until the bleeding and concurrent pain and irritability stop. All of these emotions may feel totally overwhelming to you. Every woman is different, especially during the menstrual phase. For some, the start of her period may bring relief from the cramps and cravings.

Others may feel more tired than normal and experience painful cramps. During the follicular phase, a hormone called estradiol begins to rise. This hormone is known to lessen feelings of stress caused by cortisol and adrenaline. Her estrogen is also on the rise, which can make her feel cool, calm, and collected. Your girlfriend is likely to feel the best during this time of the month. In turn, this signals to the body that it needs to release more testosterone. The result? Lucky you!

Her body is creating more progesterone, which can make her feel moody. Add this to the extra cortisol that tends to be present during this time and her stress levels may be higher than usual. Studies have shown that, during the luteal phase, women tend to crave comfort foods and are more likely to indulge.

Drinking alcohol, eating a lot of sugar, and not working out can all contribute to feeling less-than-amazing during her period. The bottom line is that no two women are the same. While your ex may have been totally chill during her period, your current girlfriend may be really irritable.

Being aware of this and avoiding comparisons is key. This brings us to the ever-important topic of how exactly you can help ease her period pains and become Partner of the Year. What works for some women may be the exact opposite of what your lady needs.

The main point here is to not assume what she needs. Instead, ask. Find out what will make her feel better. Then do it. Remember, the worst thing you can do is ask and then not deliver.

Rarely, if ever, has this question or any like it been met with a pleasant response. Another way to be period-positive is to go and get her tampons if she needs them—without feeling embarrassed about.

Seriously, no one thinks they are for you. Target carries Cora. Lastly, on this note, do your best not to make her feel embarrassed. This seems to be a divisive topic, but let us lay down a few truths for you. Period sex is not gross—because periods are not gross. Period sex is messy, yes, but so is using lube. This is just a natural version of what you might use already. We want to help you even more. Got all that? Your email address will not be published.

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How a Man Should Deal with a Woman on Her Period

It is difficult for men to understand what we women go through during our periods. But, there are a few little things that every man can do for his girl while she is going through this monthly pain and discomfort. Here are a few messages every girl wants to receive from her boyfriend when she is on her period! This is exactly why you love him so much, and so on point when it comes to what to text a girl on her period!

A period is a release of blood from a girl's uterus , out through her vagina. It is a sign that she is getting close to the end of puberty.

During the monthly flow, women have been known to have mood swings [This is not limited to just five days in a month though. Stay woke, guys. Or tampons or menstrual cups or whatever she uses. Know the size, the brand your girl likes. Buy for her ahead of that time of the month, without being asked.

Girlfriend Has Her Period? Here’s How To Be Awesome

Men do not understand how difficult things get for a woman on her period. There are tummy cramps, mood swings, pain, restlessness and a lot more. It is 7 days of discomfort and pain every month. When a woman is on her period, the least she expects from her man are some kind words and love. These 7 days are when a man should be really careful about his choice of words. So how to comfort a girl on her period? Well, some sweet text messages during the day is all it takes for a woman to feel happy and not cranky. Also Read - Health-promoting texts can keep your heart risk-free. When you have terrible tummy cramps, what more can you ask for? A cuddle is all a woman needs from her man.

Helping Her Manage Her Period Cramps

Her uterus is starting a bar room brawl in her torso, and so she might be understandably grumpy for a few days. Period cramps, for most women, are generally the worst within the first day or two of their periods, and the following seven tips are mostly aimed at those first couple of days. So instead of running for the hills and leaving her to do her own thing unless she has explicitly told you to leave her alone during her period, and she means it why not step up and earn the Super Partner of the Year award? Here are seven ways to be an awesome partner to someone who is getting their period and is going through agony. Obviously this point works better if your significant other is relatively regular with when she gets her periods.

Period cramps can be a pain literally! Your daughter has most likely heard the term premenstrual syndrome PMS , but she may not know what it is.

Back to Periods. Most girls start their periods when they're about 12, but they can start as early as 8, so it's important to talk to girls from an early age to make sure they're prepared before the big day. Many parents feel awkward talking about periods, especially with pre-teen girls, who can seem to get easily embarrassed. One way round this is to respond to questions or opportunities as they arise.

Can a Girl Get Pregnant if She Has Sex During Her Period?

Your child will go through lots of changes in puberty. One of the most significant milestones is her first period. Most of the blood and tissue comes out in the first couple of days, but some girls will continue to have bleeding for up to seven days. The amount of bleeding varies.

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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. You may want to look at their policies. Period questions come into every girls mind! Puberty can be pretty crazy — you shouldn't have to worry about your first period on top of it all. This tissue comes from the uterus, which is where a baby fetus can develop in the female body. Every month or so, the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg if the woman becomes pregnant.

20 Sweet Texts Every Girl On Her Period Wants From Her Guy!

We must admit that lots of arguments and issues may take place between a man and his woman due to her struggle and mood swings during her period. You may find your wife or girlfriend over sensitive while she's on her period, that's why you may have to be extra sweet and romantic with her. Pamper her with lots of hugs, kisses and also some sweet talk. During a woman's period, she is less likely to be as calm and can get easily mad. Wondering how to deal with that? Don't expect her to take any negative comments or criticism lightly because the physical pain and emotional strain she's facing is already irritating her.

Give her dark chocolates as it reduces pain caused by stomach bloating and cramps. •You should allow her to eat only healthy foods, but she ain't going to listen  47 answers.

Updated: March 29, Reader-Approved References. Women experience a range of symptoms during their periods: cramps, bloating, constipation, headaches, and mood swings. Watching someone close to you go through this can make you feel helpless, but there are some things you can do to make her feel better. Tackle some of her physical symptoms first by offering over-the-counter medications and fiber-rich foods. Then be there for her emotionally by being kind, supportive, and helpful around the house.

6 ways to be an amazing boyfriend when your girl is on her period

It baffles men. Dear boyfriends, you may have heard of it, learned about it during sex ed in school, seen the girls around you display some of the symptoms, but you know that you will never be able to understand or empathise with a girl on her period. Even if she is your girlfriend. There are many helpful articles out there on the Internet, but all the advice is kind of…all over the place and even conflicting sometimes.

My Girlfriend Just Got Her Period. Now What?

Most women bleed every month. This you know. Knowing what to do when your girlfriend is on her period can feel like a shot in the dark. Our vaginas are bleeding and our emotions are on a roller coaster.

But it is possible for a girl to get pregnant while she is bleeding. This can happen for a couple of reasons:.




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