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Girl meets world fanfiction maya and lucas married

He offered her his arm and she held onto it with one hand while holding onto her bouquet of carefully picked white roses with the other. They waited out in the corridor of the church until they heard the violinist began to play the song that signaled them to start walking in. Maya took a deep breath and walked in with Lucas, trying not to look at all the people there staring immediately at them as they came in. When they reached the preacher Maya moved over to the left side of the small stage and Lucas went to the right.

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Girl Meets World/Boy Meets World fanfic

Author: hashtaglucaya Rating: T Genres: fluff, humor, future-fic. She wore jeans and an old red flannel splattered with a myriad of paint stains. The long blonde hair that normally fell down her back in waves was twisted into a sloppy bun on the top of her head. There was a pencil hidden somewhere in there, too. His tiny hands were carefully clutching two muffins.

He made his way over to the table and gently placed them in front of his mother, who looked on in pride. You carried both of those all by yourself! The boy climbed into a chair next to hers and eagerly watched his mother. She began to cut a muffin in four parts and licked the sugar off her fingers. The bell jingled again and a teenage boy came through the door, followed by a tall, handsome man in blue scrubs. Both were holding two mugs with steam rising from them. Maya shifted her death glare to her husband who was now sitting next to their son, pretending to steal chunks of his food.

He looked up innocently. Lucas pushed a purple mug toward his wife as something of a peace offering. She took a long sip and pursed her lips. Riley Minkus came swiftly around the corner to the patio where her friends waited. She was dressed in jeans and had a tan trench coat was wrapped around her waist, tied just above what was actually a small baby bump if you looked hard enough.

A small child no more than four years old toddled beside her, his chubby hand grasping his mothers. His light brown hair that was usually brushed to the side had been blown into his eyes by the wind. He still smiled. Does he realize that Neurologists like…need it? Riley tried to hide a giggle at the memory of that day. He really has bee doing a good job.

The blonde beauty rested a hand on her equally small bump and looked to her husband. The brunette smiled and clasped her hands in her lap. That was today, actually. The door had jingled again. A tall, slim but buff man emerged carrying two steaming mugs. Lucas frowned. Riley and Farkle looked at one another as if deciding something. They looked back to their friends. It was true. The whole city had been shut down for 36 hours before and Maya was 72 hours past her due date.

With snow rising past the first floor of their building in the village, Maya had no choice but to deliver there. Maya composed herself with a smile. J cut in. He was in the middle of a tickle war with Leo and River. Then she glanced back to Riley, who was practically buzzing.

Tears fell out of her eyes as she raised her arms in glee. The two women moved to give each other hugs and the guys fist bumped approvingly. Are you crazy? Matthew was after your whole family, but this name…this is just to honor my very best friend who never gave up on me. Nothing can top this. Riley stood up and walked around the corner to where the dumpsters sat and reemerged dragging the metal box that held their past.

The four friends looked at each other with anticipation as they waited for someone to open it. Finally, Lucas reached for the lock and pried it open. There were four small items inside. Actually, make that five. Riley laughed. Lucas smiled. Farkle laughed. Or wherever he is. She stole the folded piece of paper from his hand.

I love being reminded of when something good started for you. He smiled. J laughed at this. Maya cleared her throat. The brunette sighed happily. The blonde smiled to herself and nodded.

The picture she clutched was pressed facedown over her heart. Slowly, she brought it out for everyone to see. J sat up, peering over to the photograph. Maya looked to Riley. Tears were stinging her eyes and she could feel herself getting choked up. Damn hormones. So thank you. It lasted for a few seconds and then they pulled away, both crying. Maya smiled and looked over at her husband. Lucas was the man of her dreams, the man she never expected to be her saving grace.

How she ever got so lucky, she will never know. She then looked over and watched River laugh uncontrollably at something silly C. J and Leo were doing. He was the greatest thing she ever made. Her greatest masterpiece. Out of the corner of her eye, Maya caught a glimpse of her mother inside the bakery. She and Topanga were chatting in a corner booth, no doubt about all the double baby showers they were going to throw in the spring.

Shawn and Cory walked out of the kitchen with mugs to join them. Shawn gave Katy a short kiss when he sat down. The look on her mothers face was priceless. It was the same one she gave Shawn at their wedding reception. Maya was fifteen and her mother let her be Maid of Honor. Riley got to be in the wedding, too. No, Hope is an Anchor for the Soul. Inside getting us hot chocolate. He sat down next to Riley and wrapped his arm around her. Riley laughed humbly. Maya shot up in her seat.

Riley nodded. She rolled her eyes. Farkle shakes out his old orange turtleneck.

Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot/Transcript

Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project: The episode is centred around Maya and whether or not she can learn to forgive her father. Girl Meets Sludge: Lucas and Maya are paired up for a school project. Name one private joke they share?

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Well, I'm now officially back in the Fanfiction game with this story. Guess we'll see how this one goes. But lol this is seriously shit and I wrote it in like and hour and I didn't edit it or read over it and it's the middle of the night but I really love Lucaya so hopefully this incredibly short and shitty story does them justice. They're not married when the first baby is born.

An Anchor for the Soul

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Matthews' House. The Matthews are eating dinner when Maya enters. Maya: Runs into the Matthews apartment All right, weirdos. Listen up and listen up good.


The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory Matthews is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series. At the start of the series, Riley is 12 years old and in seventh grade.

Here I bring to you my latest Lucaya FanFic, it was inspired in an arranged marriage of Daily Au in tumblr and also in a movie of the princess who was a swan? I don't know the name of the movie right in english but it was one of my favorites.

Three days ago, Lucas had finally chosen. He had asked to meet Maya outside her house, and once there he had told her the truth in the simplest words he could find. He had asked if this was the end of their friendship and she had simply shaken her head.

lushlucaya — the great hickey war of 2016

Author: hashtaglucaya Rating: T Genres: fluff, humor, future-fic. She wore jeans and an old red flannel splattered with a myriad of paint stains. The long blonde hair that normally fell down her back in waves was twisted into a sloppy bun on the top of her head.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Maya Hart wasn't a stranger to Bad Timing, but she was usually careful to keep her friends away from it.

Story Author Community Forum. Sequel to "Endings, Beginnings, and the Journey in Between," following Lucas and Maya, as they return to Austin after graduating college and move into their house. Maya and Lucas, in their second year of college, find their future plans forced to change with the discovery that they are expecting Updating weekly every Monday. Follow Riley's and Lucas' journey through a toxic relationship. A dancer, a singer, a songwriter, a director, and an actress. Who leaves? A dancer, a model, a doctor, a stage manager, and a scientist.

Girl Meets World is an American comedy television series created by Michael Jacobs and April After this she put her full support behind Riley and Lucas as a couple. Beginning in the first In "Girl Meets I Am Farkle", it is revealed that Stuart is married to Jennifer Bassett, an ex-girlfriend of Shawn's. He returned in the.

Summary: Cory decides to teach his students about the future, starting with a marriage project. Let's see how they handle this one! I've really taken it upon myself to write tons of stories at once. Haven't I? Let's see how this story goes:.

Keep reading. I love their chemistry and everything about them, as well from other characters like Riley and Farkle. Therefor, if you are bored or looking for something to read maybe you could check my stories and please leave reviews to see what you think of them, I value all the comments.






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