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Will i see my dead husband in heaven

Here are seven of the most-asked questions about the afterlife I get at my live events, live broadcasts or at book signings. The goal of this article is to show you that Love Never Dies and that your loved ones are alive and well on the other side. But our souls are eternal. Your deceased loved ones are very much alive and on the other side — heaven, if you will. You cannot die no matter how hard you try.

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Will my late husband know me in heaven?

Here are seven of the most-asked questions about the afterlife I get at my live events, live broadcasts or at book signings. The goal of this article is to show you that Love Never Dies and that your loved ones are alive and well on the other side. But our souls are eternal. Your deceased loved ones are very much alive and on the other side — heaven, if you will.

You cannot die no matter how hard you try. Once you leave this body that we are born into, we return to heaven to meet up with our loved ones in the afterlife who have gone before us.

Over the past 30 years, I've literally brought back tens of thousands of specific, explicit messages from deceased loved ones. There's simply too much proof that they exist on the other side to deny it.

One of biggest hurdles that people struggle with is the last memory we have of our loved ones. Especially those who have suffered greatly with a terrible disease. Here's a humorous example from a recent live event: I brought through a Dad who immediately showed me he was doing a funny dance. The young lady burst into tears saying it couldn't be him, his legs were amputated! But here's the thing: his physical legs were amputated , yes. And he suffered before passing. Dad was dancing to show his daughter he was alive and well in the afterlife.

Hilariously, she admitted that when he was well, he danced silly at her wedding and it was a memory she'll always remember.

Yes, my friend, they are very much alive. They can see and hear you and they know what is going on in your life. They don't miss you because… they are still here, just in spirit.

One lady told me that after her Mother had passed she refused to have sex with her husband because she didn't want her Mom to see! I'm not joking. Yes, they can see everything. However, they are free from their bodies and very much evolved and enlightened.

They no longer care about the material or the physical in that specific way. Please, have showers and take baths. Your deceased loved ones don't care, and your friends and family will appreciate it. You don't need a medium to do so. Your deceased loved ones can hear you perfectly fine.

I repeat you do not need a medium to talk to them. I'm sure that people are sincere and believe that when they say it. But it is absolutely not true. Not at all. Your deceased loved ones send you signs on a regular basis. No, not every single day, but often enough to encourage us. In some ways, it's like a language. If you don't know the meanings of the words, how will you understand what they are saying? Thankfully, recognizing the signs is easy: you need to know what the five signs are and you need to be open to experiencing them.

Unfortunately, religious dogma has messed up a lot of people and guilted them into believing that connecting with deceased loved ones is evil.

Or that you'll burn in hell if you do speak with them. Nothing could be further from the truth. If Jesus could talk to the dead with his Father's blessing, it certainly is okay for you to as well. The confusion comes from religions and religious texts being man-made. They are filled with conflicts and errors. Of course, you are welcome to believe what you wish. By all means, live the rest of your days sad and lonely. It's certainly a choice, but it is not of God. And honestly, I feel sorry for people guilted by this flawed dogma.

I hope and pray you are not one of them. I hope this helps you. Love and light to you. Thank you for answereing these questions. These were things i didnt know. God bless you and have a wonderful day. I love this and I already knew that they can see and hear us. My Moms spirit has always been with me every since she passed.

She actually makes a lamp come on and I know something is going to happen or if I am in a depressed state she is telling me its going to be ok.

This has been going on for 13 years. A perfect message for me today, as it is my husbands birthday! Thank you for the email,yes I do believe very much so that when I speak to them they hear me,i just wish I could hear them. Thank you Blair. What I like best about you is the true simplicity in which you correspond with us.

I have visited other sites and never felt so comfortable. My husband passed three years ago and I think of him every day. We were married for fifty one years and I have met another man. But, this relationship is so different. I wish I knew if he is okay with this.

I keep asking for signs, but, never recognize if I get any. Thank you for your guidance. Forgive my rambling. I hope you have a great week. My family came to me prior to this event. I woke up depressed and a little upset but, I knew it would be ok. Now I got my sign about the radiation and I will do it. Thank you Blair for taking the time out to connect with us and teach us more and to realize and live our lives as though our loved ones are there.

I went thru that years ago as I was living in her house after they died and in her room. Was creepy but got over it. Be safe us there in the air.

Love and Light to you and Wendy. Love Never Dies. I think I got a sign the other day I was in bed sleeping and heard a big bang in my front room I went to see what fell nothing had fallen. Hi Blair, I enjoy reading your emails and also your books. Keep up the good work and hopeful messages. Thank you for this message today. I lost my 19 year old son 5 years ago and my best friend last August and then husband in October.

I talk to them all the time and get signs constantly. Sometimes I feel guilty like- I live more for the dead than the living. Thank you, I needed to hear that. My dad and my younger passed many years ago, they both suffered with kidney problems, I still miss them both and cry a lot for what they went through before they died, I always pray that they are at peace, no more suffering, now I know they can see me and are in no pain and that I will see them again one day.

Thank you sooo much for putting my mind at ease, I can now be at peace with what happens after we die, we do live on in spirit. Thank you Blair, I love your name. Will you ever come to Hot Springs Village, Ar. We are now in the process of making a change as I need to be near family in Katy, Texas…. I am a caregiver for my husband.

Our youngest son was a homicide victim in , he was the one that was going to take care of us when we got old, I am not old, will be 70 on January 28th and Ipray my son will send a cardinal…I am the new 50…. Again love your name…. Sherry Benson God Bless you. Very beautiful!

My youngest brother was a street gang member and left the physical world in I get signs here and there especially since i am open to them.

Life after death: You’ll be greeted by loved ones when you die, according to NDE sufferers

Do deceased people pine away for us after death like we do for them? He goes back to the light of Divine Love. He goes through his life review , understanding and comprehending the lessons and experiences he had in life. He makes peace with himself, and crosses right on over into bliss. The dead are aware, however, that those of us left behind are having a much harder time dealing with what we perceive as a loss, because we, the living, think the person is gone to a galaxy far, far away.

Before we get started, I just want to give a quick heads up about the content of this post. To do that topic justice, it means we talk about some very specific details of people dying at home, both expectedly and unexpectedly.

I am widow and a believer in Jesus Christ. I am so lonely without my husband of 38 years, we did everything together, even in the ministry. Will we be together in heaven? Jesus told the religious leaders that there will be no marriage in heaven.

Seeing signs from deceased loved ones

Perhaps they meant well—but it was insensitive and thoughtless of them to tell you this. It is true that the institution of marriage was ordained by God only for this life, and not for heaven. The reason is because in heaven we will never die, and therefore marriage will no longer be necessary to carry on the human race. But this verse has nothing to do with the question of being reunited in heaven with our loved ones. Thank God for His promises, and the hope we have of heaven if we know Christ. Thank God also that someday we will be reunited with those who have entered heaven before us. But most of all, thank God that in heaven we will be with Christ forever. Where Is Heaven?

When Death Moves In: grief after a death in the home

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Human beings are created flesh and blood. That means we are a mixed bag of mineral compounds, acids and electrochemical impulses.

Lambert Our 60th Year Will my late husband know me in heaven? November 22 , Dear Rev.

Will I See My Dead Loved Ones Again?

Please read our information about coronavirus and cancer alongside this page. If you have symptoms of cancer you should still contact your doctor and go to any appointments you have. Spotting cancer early means treatment is more likely to be successful.

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If you have ever wondered what your loved one was doing in Heaven or even what Heaven is like, you have come to the right place! As a psychic medium, I have conversations daily with those in spirit and have literally given hundreds of readings. Through my conversations and visions, I have learned some incredible secrets about Heaven and the afterlife. Here are 10 things that might come as quite a shock to you…. Your loved ones in Heaven are with you every day. They want to help guide you to where you need to be and to the path you need to follow.


Feb 18, - YOU will be greeted by your deceased loved ones when you die, a similar account, saying: “I looked in front of me and saw my deceased grandmother. heaven. "A strong, but not nasty voice, asked me why I wanted to die.








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