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How to get a girlfriend on discord

Updated: April 2, References. If you haven't found the one at your school, workplace, or local coffee shop, online might be the perfect place to find a girlfriend. You can connect with women who share your interests and build a relationship at your own pace. After you've messaged someone for a good amount of time, you can meet up in person and start a romantic relationship. Finding a girl you're compatible with on the internet involves knowing where to look and how to build a relationship over time.


How (and why) I Created My Own Little World on Discord

I have been married to my wife for 17 years, 3 kids and a ton of fond memories along the way. Then suddenly in January of this year she starts playing a Game of Thrones game on her phone. Then I noticed her scrolling through chats and laughing and carrying on.

I asked her about it and she said it was nothing just a chat in her game. I finally began questioning her more about it. At first she told me that people on this chat were weird and that she put a picture of our dog as her profile and her name was our dogs name.

This went on and on until I finally broke the 1 rule I told myself never to do The chat site I believe was Discord and her avatar was a sexy photo of herself and her screen name was something like Vodkapartygirl.

I have never been cheated on physically or emotionally emotional friend so this was a complete shock. I just left the house and got in my car to drive. She never reached out to me after I confronted her and left to drive.

I said what about your real family I just do not understand how she can say those things to another guy and wonder why I am upset? I think I would be able to deal with the physical act of cheating better than the emotional act. I am not dealing well needless to say and now feel jealousy for the 1st time ever and do not trust her.

She said she deleted the chat but then is back on it. Was it to delete the history to hide more from me? I have tried engaging her more in conversation thru texts, calls when at work and have really tried to make her see I love her but she is still on the chat. I do not know how to cope with the things I saw and now of course my mind is reeling with what she is possibly doing with this guy when I am not around.

Plus I found there is a video chat function that she is doing. She has this guy to talk to about this nonsense and I have no one which makes it harder, so I apologize for the long post. It sounds like you have had a huge shock, and almost cannot believe it.

It is more confusing because your wife does not react as you would expect her too, and cannot see how it is a problem. This is a theme that is reported quite often on this forum i am sorry that you have had to deal with this.

These games and the kinship aspect of them make them very addictive. Its very possible that if you gave your wife "it's me or the game" that she might chose the game and give some reason to justify her position that makes it all your fault. Or it may be the jolt that she needs to realise what is happening in your marriage. Take a look at the information for spouses linked in my signature below. There is one about online cheating. Also other ways you cope being with an addict.

Gaming does ruin relationships and cuase children's emotional needs to be neglected. Make sure you get planty of support. Online meetings gaming addicts click here. Parents of addicts click here for advice. Help for video game addicts click here. As I read your email all the feelings I have been having for the last 24 hours rushed to the surface.

I've been married to my second husband for six years and we have been together I thought we had a happy marriage, in spite of the fact that he tends to spend more time online that I would like. Most of the time it was on strategy games, at least when I was around. Like you my suspicion got the best of me and I went snooping and found he had a whole online life on Second Life including a girlfriend. When I confronted him he tried to divert and excuse and said it meant nothing but it meant something to me!

I felt totally sucker punched. I am still reeling from it all but I have no more tears to cry. He says it will stop but I don't trust him. I have no idea how many other avatars he has out there all living their own "lives" I don't know if I want to pull the plug on our marriage but I can't live with a man I can't trust.

I understand exactly what you mean about being lost.. I feel as though I am wandering alone in the wildneress Glad you found us. Sorry for your pain. It must be a huge shock for you. See the info for spouses linked in my signature below. I definitely understand where you are coming from, Sao. My divorce is July 9th of this year after leaving my gamer November , so I cannot offer any constructive relationship-saving advice from the side of the anon.

Ultimately I did not control how my estranged husband behaved, what his actions were, or how he treated me. He even spent the money he constantly told me we didn't have to send her amazon. His wife. He became extraordinarily emotionally abusive, financially abusive, and at one point, physically. I couldn't stay in my relationship and maintain a sense of self or safety anymore. I have life-long scars and extraordinary baggage from the treatment that I withstood at his hands. Lots of people on here talk about how addiction rewires the brain so our spouses lack empathy.

Guess who also lacks empathy? Narcissists and sociopaths. I can't suggest you stay with someone who lacks empathy regardless of how their disordered brain was created.

Being a martyr takes its toll. I know it hurts, and I still feel an ache in my chest from what I lost. I don't control my losses, though. So do you.

Take care of yourself. Thank you for sharing your situation and feelings. I am sorry for your loss and encouraged that you are building a new life for yourself. All the best to you! This first post is exactly my story except i can't access my wifes phone. Just wondering if I'm blowing this ot of proportion or what i just don't know what to do. You don't know how serious this is.

If your feelings are hurting then it would be reasonable to discuss this with her and tell her how you feel about it. There is a thread about cheating online in our spouses information linked in my signature below. I find myself in a similar situation where my wife chats with several male friends on Discord and WoW on a day to day basis.

My wife tells me she likes talking to them cause they're a support system for her, but I'm a little paranoid to be honest. She likes signing out of Discord to make sure I can't read anything should I try snooping around. I've talked with her a few times about me being uncomfortable, but she says they're just "friends".

To make the situation even more awkward she recently told me that she wasn't sure if she loved me a week back and now she's telling me she wants to have a baby since her sister recently had one so talk about an emotional rollercoaster for me.

Even the part about using the covers in bed to hide the game play while I'm trying to sleep. My wife's screen names multiple accounts are things like "Princess" and "Little Princess". I haven't broken into my wife's laptop, tablet or iphone because I dont' have to do so.

THe fact that she quickly minimalizes the "chat" funciton when she sees me approaching tells me everything I need to know. In fact, I know more about her online guy friend's lives than I do about hers at this point because she talks about them and virtually nothing else. She wrote me a letter on Sunday saying she loves me but doesn't want to be married to me anymore. She wants her life back like it was in her 20's she turned 40 earlier this year.

She wants to do all of the things she can't do because of me not a money issue She's addicted to gaming, probably having an online emotional affair, and very likely in the midst of a mid-life crisis from my research a strong Level 2 MLC. Just last night she went for a "short walk" and was gone for two hours. I eventually just sat on our screen porch and read online forums about these problems. When she came home she was on her phone smiling until she saw me. Then she went into our bedroom, closed the doors and changed clothes.

She didn't know that I saw but she stripped completely down and even changed her underwear. When I was first dating my current SO he virtually cheated on me on discord and I was about to leave him, until he made promises he would change. He still does things I feel uncomfortable with, and seems to just switch to different games i. It is hard to consider leaving someone, though a lot of what you are writing about makes me feel like your SO is direspecting you.

There is no easy answer, though some relationships can be broken by such things, and it seems like your SO is out-of-touch with reality if they think that this is in any way acceptable.

Invisible Girlfriend

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I have been married to my wife for 17 years, 3 kids and a ton of fond memories along the way. Then suddenly in January of this year she starts playing a Game of Thrones game on her phone.

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Online dating roblox discord servers

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How do I cope with gamer wife who lives on Discord all day

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Online dating roblox discord servers Furry nexus is quickly overtaking in-person meetings as time dating servers reddit - join to find a bunch of months ago, discord. Server and find and start chatting with editing the furry nexus is single and chat and meet a woman. English; discord server. English; open your patches are expired links.

Real life is very seldom like Friends or How I Met Your Mother and being able to visit every day is just really not practical. Instead of missing out on each others lives, we all jump onto a program like Discord: start up a call, drink our coffee and tea , work and catch up. This is our version of living in adjoining apartments and getting to share breakfast around the same table together. It makes sure that no matter how busy we might be we never fall out of touch. I wanted somewhere where we could chat, play games together, share videos and maybe even just hang out and listen to music — I wanted that 90s sitcom coffee shop. I had already been using Discord to have endless conversations with my friends, but those conversations always happened on THEIR Discord and none of us had ever bothered really setting anything up.

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Jun 4, - I have been married to my wife for 17 years, 3 kids and a ton of fond The chat site I believe was Discord and her avatar was a sexy photo of herself and found he had a whole online life on Second Life including a girlfriend.

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