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What to get your friend who loves music

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A Vinyl Me, Please membership makes it easy to expand their record collection. Vinyl Me, Please. Most of us listen to music in some capacity and can say we like it. But there are the people who just listen casually to whatever happens to be on the radio, and then there are the people who spend hours carefully curating playlists, filling their calendars with concerts to attend, and even playing music themselves. This gift guide is for the latter group, who argue that they don't just like music, they love it.

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20 cool gift ideas for the music lover in your life

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Choosing a music gift or a Christmas present for the musicians in your life can be a little difficult sometimes. Where do you start? Are the guitar gifts you buy actually going to be used? Where can I get Christmas gifts for musicians?

Fortunately, here at PMT we stock a wide range of gifts for music lovers, music gifts and gifts for guitarists, drummers, keyboard players and more. The BandLab Link Analog Audio Interface is an affordable recording tool ideal for singer-songwriters and those who want to create music anywhere and at anytime.

You can use the built-in Neutrik Combo Jack Socket to hook up your electric guitar, line level instrument or microphone, plug your headphones in and start recording with your phone, tablet or computer instantly. The pocket size and small budget makes it a fantastic gift for musicians! This is a completely portable USB DJ controller that features smooth, hard wearing jog wheels that can be used in two separate modes — Jog and Beatgrid adjust mode.

Best of all, you get Traktor Pro 3 included so you can start creating, looping and mixing music straight away. The easy to use layout in conjunction with the seamless browsing in Traktor Pro 3 makes this a fantastic gift for musicians and producers in the making.

The AKG K52 Studio Headphones are some of our favourite monitoring and mixing headphones on the market today, which have been voiced to provide accurate representation of what you're playing whilst recording. Whereas producers would normally advise against mixing music on headphones, these have been designed with 40mm drivers that deliver high sensitivity sounds for a powerful output, plus an extended frequency response so you can hear everything you're supposed to.

Great sound isolation from high quality ear pads provides you with a comfortable uninterrupted listening experience and the lightweight construction means you can listen, record and mix music anywhere, anytime. The highly respected Yamaha Pacifica has been designed for guitarists of all levels as it is comfortable and easy to play. The small price makes it a great option for beginners whilst the versatile pickup selection makes it a great workhorse for players of different genres.

You have 20 preset drum kits to choose from, voices including a variety of different snares, toms and cymbals as well as Song Playback and Recording tools built-in, so you can jam along to a wide range of backing tracks and hone your skills. The Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amp is a highly portable little amp with a massive sound and is great fun for guitarists on the go — especially those who value good tone!

This is a great battery powered, 2 channel amp packed with iconic Blackstar amplifier sounds, a tape delay, headphone jack for silent practice and line out for recording directly to your computer — a great music gift and gift for the musicians in your life.

With this bass you get a solidly constructed instrument made from top quality tonewoods and put together by experienced luthiers. The J-Bass shape is comfortable to hold and, the neck is smooth and easy to play and the 2 x single coil configuration provides the thunderous tone you need as well as the articulation to stand out from the mix — an ideal Christmas or birthday present for the aspiring bass players out there, both new and experienced.

Check out all the new Eastcoast range. For those who want to be able to create their own beats, whether they be grime beats, back up percussion tracks for EDM or add a new dynamic to their live and studio setup the Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK3 is a fantastic option.

Widely used by electronic musicians from all genres, the Maschine Mikro MK3 provides responsive colour pads for instant beat triggering, sample triggering or synth sounds as well as a Dual-touch Smart Strip which allows you to slide your fingers to strum instruments, bend sounds, use Perform FX, and add dynamics to your sound. A great budget friendly beat maker for pro musicians that has been specifically designed as an easy to use, highly versatile option that beginners can get to grips with easily.

No room for a full drum kit? This can be set up on any flat surface, is packed with 8 touch-sensitive drum pads, 2 assignable foot pedals and over assignable voices. There are 75 pre-loaded drum kits and space for 10 more of your own sounds. You also get a set of sticks, there's a headphone out for silent practice and it's entirely portable! Perfect for practising your drums, recording and learning. Budget-friendly, highly portable and great quality — a perfect music gift for the drummers and wannabe drummers out there.

The PreSonus Audiobox USB 96 Studio Recording Package is the ultimate home recording package and a great music gift for the home producers, singer-songwriters and musicians out there in need of high quality, reliable and above all — great sounding recordings. A great music gift perfect for anyone who wants to record at home or on the go. The Fender Monterey w Bluetooth Speaker has been engineered by the team at Fender to bring the classic Fender reliability, performance and sound to your home, apartment or student halls.

You get watts of power at your disposal thanks to a pristine quad-driver system 2 woofers, 2 tweeters so your music sounds amazing at all levels. Connect via Bluetooth or the mini or RCA jacks for instant musical gratification. A great looking Bluetooth speaker and an ideal music gift for those who care about their sound. This iconic pedal has been used and is still used by professional musicians and artists to this day thanks to its high quality distortion sound, ease of use and almost-indestructible design.

One of the best music gifts you could give to a musician, and one they'll actually use! Need some smaller stocking fillers? Every guitarist needs a decent tuner, so make sure you grab hold of one that you can rely one! The Laney Mini amp series is a range of battery powered amplifiers designed for tone snobs who want the freedom to be able to carry them anywhere and play guitar at anytime. Don't be deceived by the small size though as they sound fantastic, can be powered via 6 x AAA batteries or an optional 9V adapter and have a headphones-in jack for silent practice.

A great gift and some of the best mini amps on the market today. The Teenage Engineering pocket operator synths are fantastic little synthesizers and music making machines that are totally fun to play.

So, the best solution to that is making your own patch cables! The Planet Waves Solderless Custom Cable Kit allows you to make 6 custom sized patch leads so you can organise your pedal board how you like! A great gift that guitarists will always appreciate. The good thing about the Alpine MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs with Case is that they filter out the damaging frequencies and reduce the decibel level to a safe level but allow all the good stuff to reach your ears! A great gift for music lovers that is totally budget friendly.

View a complete selection of musician earplugs over at PMT Online today. No guitarist or bass player can ever have too many plectrums. Nuff said! The same goes for guitar strings as above — grab a set of strings or even a multi pack of strings and it will be appreciated. If you have a loved one in your inner circle that is a budding music producer or EDM musician, the Akai LPK25 Mini USB Keyboard is a fantastic stocking filler and an extremely professional piece of kit that will be appreciated by the electronically inclined musician.

Every guitarist or musician needs more cables, it's just a fact! We can never have too many cables! The range of TOURTECH guitar and instrument cables are made with top quality connectors and premium components to ensure reliability and a fantastic sound whether you're plugging in to a line level instrument, a microphone or set of PA speakers!

Check out the full range of Tourtech cables, cases and accessories here. Carrying your guitar or instrument everywhere is not always possible, but showing the world you're a musician can be! The Fender Amplifier Messenger Bag is a great gift for musicians and a perfect stocking filler for the guitarists out there.

It's based on the classic Fender Twin Reverb amplifiers and features cool rotary knobs unfortunately they don't move as well as a Fender badge and Fender strap. You can store your laptop, notebooks and any musical paraphernalia you might need! A great stocking filler for musicians, back to school gift and bag for guitarists.

This nifty amplifier allows you to practice anywhere in complete silence. Simply plug the unit into your guitar, connect your headphones and you've got stadium-quality guitar sound straight to your ears.

It's like having a Blackstar amp strapped to your ears! Can't figure out what to buy for your musically inclined friend? Grab yourself a gift voucher and let your loved one choose their own gift.

Shop a full range of musical instruments over at PMT Online or call in to your local PMT store to speak to one of our experts about the ideal music gifts and gifts for the musicians in your life.

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12 Best Music Gifts & Gifts For Musicians

Finding a gift for the music lover in your life can be tough. Finding a gift for the musician in your life is even tougher. These are people with very specific tastes—they know what they want, and why they want it. Because finding a gift for them can be damning, we put in the research and the heavy lifting for you. As someone who both loves and has dabbled in music, these are the gifts I'm sure any music lover would be thrilled to get—from high end speakers to beginner options for listening, performing, or just plain enjoying music.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Choosing a music gift or a Christmas present for the musicians in your life can be a little difficult sometimes.

I am a guitarist. And when you are a guitarist, many of your friends believe that they need to give a guitar related gift on your birthday or holiday — and my friends have always bought me the wrong gift. You see, buying a gift for a guitar lover, or any musician is a not an easy task. Buying a good music gift is not as easy as taking your friends out to his favorite restaurant.

Music Gifts

Need to get a present for a friend who loves the rave? We're here to help. It's difficult to find a good present for a music fanatic. Phantasy Vinyl Lucky Dip. A must-see documentary on the history of techno music and the socio-political backdrop of Detroit that birthed it. Late Night Tales Bundles. The post-club compilation album is something that has died off a little bit in the world of Spotify and playlists, but the Late Night Tales series continues to release fantastic after-hours compilation albums curated by artists. The series offers a range of bundle packages, including both vinyl and digital.

The Best Gifts for Musicians (2020 Reviews)

Looking for the best gifts for singers? Our list includes everything from a home karaoke system to microphone sleeves to a vocal dampener. There is nothing worse than having a scratchy throat right before singing. These pastilles will keep the throat smooth and the voice clear. Personal touches make the best gifts.

Buying Guides Entertainment. Buying a gift can be tricky, especially if its for a music fan.

Very often, they will go about their day without being able to express how much more alive they feel with music. Why not give them a gift with meaning, one that touches that part of their soul? Ratings are based on Amazon reviews and are current at the time of this publication. You can learn the evolution of music throughout history through these album covers and better understand how much has music has changed through the years.

5 Appreciable Gifts for Your Music Lover Friends That They Actually Want

Those that bring music to our lives deserve gifts that recognize their finely honed talents and creative accomplishments. Sheet music and musical notes blend beautifully with a range of handmade crafting projects, from piano gifts to handmade instruments for the little ones. Music-themed personalized gifts range from home decor to photo collages, all of which add a daily reminder of your appreciation for their talents and passions.

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The perfect gifts for music lovers are the ones that help them enjoy music even more, or show off their love of music. These gifts are designed to do just that and are some of the best music gifts you can give. Ridged Glass Guitar Picks. Music is an art form, and so are these beautiful picks which are made from borosilicate glass in a stunning sunset or surf design, and can be used on all types of strings. Vintage Record Bottle Opener. Musical Serving Boards.

15 Delightful Gifts for Music Lovers and Audiophiles

Whether you're trying to find a turntable so Mom and Dad can bust out their vintage vinyl collection, or you want to give the gift of great sound to a younger music enthusiast or middle-aged audiophile, it can be tough to find great-sounding gear that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. That's where we come in. Each year, we spend hundreds of hours listening to the latest and greatest gear around, looking for the elusive products that bring the best possible sound for the money. Here are our favorite gifts for audio enthusiasts and music lovers, from affordable accessories to insane, tube-driven wonders. Looking for other cool audio gear or gift ideas?

The best gift ideas for music lovers all have one thing in common: These noteworthy music gifts and ideas are sure to strike the right chord. Ship Delay Peace, Love & Rock 'N Roll Desktop Sculpture $ (10). Loopy Lou the DJ in a Box.‎Music Playing Cards · ‎Mechanical Music Box Set · ‎Cedar Thumb Pianos.

Skip to main content Gift for Music Lovers. Island Dogs Amped Mug, 24 oz. This is a very large mug and is an adorable gift for a musician.

Cool Gifts for Teens Who Love Music

Artist and drummer Josh Stadlen creates and sells gorgeous portraits on drum cymbals. A vintage poster of your loved one's favourite band is a thoughtful and singular gift that's infused with history and their personal style. Bonus points if your music lover plays an instrument and you can find them an autographed instrument!

Gift for Music Lovers

Buying a gift for someone can be very confusing. If I am the one buying a gift for someone, I would like to make sure that the gift I am getting is not just a trinket unless the receiver is a trinket-collector! Rather, I would like to make sure that the gift is useful for the receiver.

Zeko enjoys writing about gift ideas and creative ways to celebrate holidays and special occasions.

His father was a musician. My mother's father was a musician. Nothing generic is going to cut it here. These Vibes high-fidelity earplugs have been specifically designed to filter acoustics to stop ear damage without stifling the sound, so you can enjoy your concert in comfort.



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