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How to make your girlfriend not jealous

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people looking to improve their interpersonal communication skills. It only takes a minute to sign up. I really love my girlfriend. Out of all the girlfriends that I've had, she's the best. We get along very well on most matters and I have almost no complaints about her.

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How to Stop Being Jealous When my Girlfriend Is Talking To Other Guys

Sounds romantic, right? Not really. The truth is, many individuals who have been in a relationship with someone who easily gets jealous can tell you that while it can be sweet and cute sometimes, too much of this can already be toxic. If you believe that you are with someone who displays the same characteristics as an overly jealous partner, then this article is your answer. Stay calm. This is of course, natural. The best thing to do is to remain calm and just talk to your girlfriend.

Let her know that she is loved. One of the many reasons why your girlfriend is being jealous is because, for her, you fail to show that you love her enough. Make her feel special. Your role is to make her feel that she is enough by being there for her and making her feel the most special, especially if she accomplishes something big or small.

Know what makes her feel jealous. Not knowing the root cause of the issue can only make it worse. Help her gain self-confidence and self-worth. As what was mentioned above, jealousy has something to do with how your girlfriend views herself.

Instead, encourage her to have more faith in her abilities and teach her how to be kind to herself. Teach and motivate her to do things for herself, the same things that will improve her confidence and self-worth. Let her speak first. You should listen even when your girlfriend keeps on saying the same words again and again. Listen and try to understand why she feels hurt. Introduce her to your family and friends. One example of this is introducing your girlfriend to your friends.

Be proud of her and of your relationship. As in every relationship, the people who are in it should be there for each other and be proud of each other regardless of how small the achievements are.

Let your girlfriend know that you are proud of her, and do this as often as you can. The best way to deal with a jealous girlfriend is to prevent arguments and this can be done by being honest with them. Be patient. Lastly, be patient. When your girlfriend asks too many questions about little things, be patient enough to answer them.

She just wants you to tell her and assure her that she is good enough and that you love her no matter what. It takes a lot of work to make a relationship with a jealous girlfriend last a lifetime. Your email address will not be published.

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Here are sweet and practical ways to deal with a jealous girlfriend. Share and inspire. Charm Villalon. Charm is a writer and a student. She is currently completing her Graduate Degree in Language Studies while refining her creativity and related skills through the visual arts: drawing and painting.

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How to Deal With a Jealous Girlfriend: Ways to Calm Down a Possessive Girlfriend

Sounds romantic, right? Not really. The truth is, many individuals who have been in a relationship with someone who easily gets jealous can tell you that while it can be sweet and cute sometimes, too much of this can already be toxic.

Wondering who your S. Totally fair. Accusing them of cheating because you saw a figure that resembled their ex on their SnapChat?

Here are some reasons for your girl friend to get jealous. The woman in your life will always want you all for herself, and there can be no two ways about it. She does not like your getting over friendly with a stranger woman, and she hates it when you do not call her at least once while having your boy's night out. Women tend to get jealous easily. Know what are the things that can make your girlfriend pretty jealous!

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Too Jealous

Coping with a jealous girlfriend can be difficult. You may feel you're being unfairly scrutinized at all times. Work on reassuring your girlfriend in the moment by listening to her feelings and talking them over with her. From there, consider her perspective. There may be reasons she's more prone to jealousy. See if the two of you can work out the problem together as a couple. Remember, however, that if your girlfriend's jealousy becomes unreasonable, you may have to end the relationship. For more tips from our co-author, including how to encourage your jealous girlfriend to work on her self esteem, read on! Did this summary help you?

6 Ways To Deal With A Jealous Partner Without Breaking Up

An ex of mine from college was coming to town for work and wanted to get together for dinner. This was a relationship that ended amicably, and we remained good friends. I have no romantic feelings. Around the time my girlfriend got jealous, we got on to the subject of how many people each of us had been with. She was shocked by my number.

Does your girlfriend get jealous when you talk with other girls? Does she keep calling and texting you every time you are out with your friends?

Being jealous in a romantic relationship can really kill the love you and your partner have for each other. At first it might seem cute that your SO is evoking the emotion, but after awhile, you'll probably see the negative aspects of it pretty clearly. Thankfully, there are ways to learn how to deal with jealously in relationships.

How To Make A Girl Jealous And Miss You Like Crazy

It is human to be a little jealous when you see your significant other looking at someone else or to watch someone interested in them. But there comes a point where it is tantamount to distrust. If your jealous girlfriend continually distrusts you to the point of smothering you, consider whether it is worth it or not to be with her.


Jealousy is gonna do nothing but damage to your relationship. Refrain from such negativity in your life. To read more click on the link in bio. New post live now! If a girl has become jealous, that means she wants more from you than she currently has.

Dealing with a jealous girlfriend

Jealousy makes is hard for any relationship. Nevertheless, it is worth making an effort to control it because it can become an obsession. Jealousy usually exists when we feel that somebody is superior to us. When we see our girlfriend talking with another guy, it can be hard to not get jealous. We subconsciously compare ourselves with the other man who is approaching our woman. If we feel less attractive than him at any point or just annoyed by him, then we can get jealous. In a relationship, this is especially dangerous because it reveals a lack of trust and can lead to fights.

No matter what baggage the other person brings to the table, you can work on Understanding how to stop being a jealous girlfriend or boyfriend requires being Get to the bottom of your jealousy and create a healthier relationship dynamic.

Updated: May 21, References. Dating someone who's a little jealous can be a good thing. Knowing that your partner is protective of you and would go to great lengths to avoid losing you can be comforting. However, past a certain point, jealousy can be a terrible drain on a relationship.

Try these: time management relationship advice healthy lifestyle money wealth success leadership psychology. When your relationship is based on trust, it serves as a lifeboat, anchor and sail that keeps you afloat, secure and filled with purpose. When jealousy corrodes the trust and respect in your partnership, the relationship becomes a weight that hinders personal progress. Understanding how to stop being jealous in a relationship is a prerequisite for a healthy union.






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