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How to find a hippie boyfriend

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I wrote this post a while ago but it never seemed like the right time to post it. When I first came to India, now 6 years ago, and single, I swore them off entirely. I decided that the trip I was about to take to India was going to be about me. I had never been the serious relationship type. I was pretty proud that I was traveling alone and that I wanted to stay alone for many years to come so that no one would interfere with my travels. I had accepted that no guy wanted to do what I did.


9 Best Hippie Dating Site Options (That Are 100% Free to Try)

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We all have our own version of one travel game or another. Time has not been kind to most hippies, something that I am at a loss to explain. All that love and kindness, healthy lifestyle, proper diet, What gives?

Brother Unicorn They never wear new clothing — How is this true? This clearly leads us to; Ill Fitting Clothing. Okay, she probably did make this outfit No Make-up.

Again, nothing wrong with that — just an observation but it is however, a crucial non-ingredient that defines the hippie. This of course excludes any makeup that is used in any manner other than concealing or highlighting — i. Consumers of Health Food Supplements. Straw Hats. All you have to do is look at the above picture and you know this to be true.

Fanny packs. What do they keep inside these things? My guess is incense and rolling papers. Step two: take a dirty shirt and rub vigorously back and forth across head. Step 3: Sleep in Microbus. Body Hair. Hippies start off using head bands but as they lose their hair, they move onto the doo-rag. Oral Hygiene. Ever heard of Miswak? Mmmmm, it even sounds like it smells good.

How did we go from:. Hippies were once a symbol — a youthful subculture that grew out of counter-cultural ideologies of the Beat Generation that embraced psychedelic rock, free love and pot. Now that the hippies have all grown up, all I can say is stay away from psychedelic rock, free love and pot and maybe Whole Foods Market.

This was funny and the people writing paragraphs about how? I really like this blog! Although bob I feel Mabey you were a bit tough on the hippys! Despite its negative attitude, this blog was actually very nice to read. Obviously, you are not a hippie yourself, so you absolutely cannot generalize based upon one photo of a couple of old men in tie dye shirts. Try to be open to different ideas in life, and you will be much better off. I was really really enjoying your blog until this post.

It read as very judgmental, dismissive, and I can only imagine is the product of a sheltered life and limited perspective on the world. Your writing has been so enjoyable and informative, and this one seems SO out of place. And also some look like businessmen and women, in suit jackets and ties, blouses and skirts and heels. Some look like mothers, fathers, college students.

They look like doctors, real estate agents, veterinarians, waiters, landscapers, pilots, construction workers, ship captains, and anything you can imagine. Trying to reduce them to a single style or lifestyle is your limitation of understanding. The opposite, in fact: I hope you have some positive experiences in your life which expand your ideas about what makes a person valuable in our world, hippie or not.

For the record, I am not making fun of people who are hippies, I am making fun of the hippie stereotype. The people you mention that look like doctors, real estate agents, veterinarians, etc. If you check the date, I wrote this article almost 5 years ago and despite the fact that I am getting killed by the majority of commenters here, I let people have their say. I could have closed the comments, I could have deleted the ones that said I was going to hell or that I am a miserable person but I figure that if I am going to put something on the website I should be prepared to take what comes along with that action.

Some People Are Too Sensitive. Joseph Gallivan. Your ignorant sterio types are out dated…I would suggest opening your mind, put a little effort in your research, maybe some field work and updating your opinion before misleading other lazy and simple minded individuals like yourself that would believe any of this….

I say sarcastically, best wishes being part of the demise of human esistance. I suppose one good turn deserves the other but if you think you are really all that unique, you are kidding yourself.

And congratulations for letting us know that you think you are quite attractive, that really helped your argument. Everybody makes mistakes — who am I to judge you? I really hope karma comes back to bite you in the ass for wasting my time. You sir are ignorant, rude and just an all around uneducated man on this subject. Thanks a lot. This made me giggle quite a bit. Whats with all the haters dude? Love and light all of the way, right?

So stop the hating. Just laugh it off dudes, sit back and relax and take the time to laugh. It may not be true but its funny. Give Bob a break. Im guessing mid 50s, travelling with his family. I consider myself half hippie. I love music, I love hood herb, I love inner peace, but I also work before I play, and dont expect my 3rd grade Ukele lessons to keep me afloat.

Oh and a good shower, and haircut. In this new world, if you really want to move society, ya cant look and act like a bum. Isnt that what the movement was about? Changing society? There are some funny comments and observations. I do wonder why you feel the need to stereotype. You only mention the most superficial attributes. I can only assume you were not there at the time doing anything related to counter culture. Also, it would be more interesting and more meaningful to describe and consider what went before and what came afterwards.

I only mentioned the most superficial attributes because this was intended to be a superficial article written only to amuse. There is a second hippie-related article on this site that compares hippies to architects … turns out that there are many similarities; idealism, consideration for the planet, the well-being of our common man, and many more.

Most of us did! Because its not about the way one dresses, its about life style and beliefs! There was no excessive body hair on the women and in fact half the men did NOT have facial hair, we all showered daily, grew our own fruits and veg in the garden, ate edible flowers and the women DID wear make up but we chose one that were not tested on animals and were careful about the ingredients in it!

Just say no to fluoride. Xylitol is the better option. Look up the ingredients of Prozac. It seems like you are truly an unhappy man…. Emotions Expressed Through Facial Expressions. Very sorry for you man…. Ciao ciao. I found it very funny! I remind all of you that humility is one of the greatest treasures of life and we must all take time to laugh at ourselves. I call my self a hippie, i hang around the old school peeps, i listen to funk and mental, and bob Dylan not always at he same time, I love my tie dyed onesies and high fashion cloths, though i rarely have the money for them.

We are all you, consciousness is a collective being. My ego likes your ego, though! The more our egos reflect happiness and peace, the happier all of us will be. Your an idiot.

Writing this article was a waist of your time, and reading it was a waist of mine. Much like this comment but the other way round. Freedom is a pair of jeans with no underwear… Goldman Sachs is watching you.

You can have the rest. Peace Man. While you are entitled to your opinion, this piece indubitably elitist. However, mocking any lifestyle is rather unnecessary, and insinuating as I observed in comments as well as the piece that an alternative lifestyle is NOT a lifestyle is even worse. Bob, this is awkwardly true. Your are very brave to document these observations.

How to find a hippie boyfriend

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Hippie chicks can be some of the most exciting, intriguing ladies you will ever date! A relationship with us is far from any normal relationship. We prefer to have our relationships carried out in a hippie fashion that may not suit the needs of some not-so hippie individuals.

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How do I get a hippie boyfriend? Please help hippie people.?

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Dating a hippy? Everyone involved is about 30 yrs. So, when she starts talking about 'energy' I have to keep my mouth shut and try to translate it to something I feel more comfortable with. Then, of course, there are musical and assorted cultural differences: jam-bands, really? Obviously, this is about me dealing with my prejudices against hippies, but I wonder whether the differences are just too great to pursue things. You'll find that all the energy-talk and jam-band-event-attendance is just a manifestation of a desire to be and connect with other people.

How to spot a ‘Hippie’

The Hippie House. Katherine Holubitsky. The "summer of love" is a time of idealistic freedom and experimentation for Emma, her cousin Megan, and the young people of Pike Creek. While her brother Eric's band practices in what Uncle Pat has dubbed the Hippie House, the girls suntan on their small lake and hitchhike into town to hang around the Drop-In Center. They find the growing crowd of long-haired musicians and hangers-on that begin to show up at the farm both enticing and a bit scary.

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I really want a hippie boyfriend. Not a pot smoker or anything like that, but a surfing, patchouli smelling, save the world, possibly vegetarian, barefoot, long haired cutie. Obviously not all of these things are a must.

The 100% Free Alternative Dating Site

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9 Things you Should Know Before Dating a Hippie Chick

Updated: November 14, References. Becoming a hippie can be a refreshing and rewarding experience. However, now that times have changed, the ideas and looks of hippies have also changed dramatically. Many pair drug use with modern hippies and, for many in the culture, this is true. Pursue the hippie lifestyle if you feel a natural inclination towards the ideology and aesthetic, but not for the drug culture surrounding it. Hippies often eschew makeup, but if you want to wear some, go as natural as possible. A light, peachy lipstick is a good choice. Read on for another quiz question.

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We all have our own version of one travel game or another. Time has not been kind to most hippies, something that I am at a loss to explain. All that love and kindness, healthy lifestyle, proper diet, What gives? Brother Unicorn They never wear new clothing — How is this true?







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