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How to Reframe Attention-Seeking Behavior in Girls

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. She is beautiful and more like the cheerleader type you always secretly had a crush on in school while I am a rather more scruffy ex skateboarder and I am completely aware that she fell for my personality before my looks. Her longest relationship so far has been two years while mine is eleven. My biggest problem is that whenever we go out, prior to her introducing me as her boyfriend, guys are always hitting on her.

She has done so much to reassure me that she isn't interested but I am having a hard time getting over it. Additionally there are a couple of her exes in her large circle of friends, which makes me slightly uneasy.

Eg one time this guy comes over friend of a friend of a friend of hers, jock type who is more like the person people would imagine her with and starts talking directly to her, within a few seconds he is putting his arm around her.

She says "by the way this is my boyfriend", he looks at me disbelievingly a very typical reaction from people who hear the news , and I turn it into a joke "yeah, she's still recovering from the eye surgery" - true story and secretly want to punch the guy's face off. Conversation goes stale after this and he moves over to another girl. Another night, her very drunk ex turns up, again not realising that she is with me, grabs her ass and leans in for a kiss.

She walked away from him. On top of this sorry it's so long she gets drunk. Like really drunk. I am worried that one day she won't have the strength to resist if I am not there, but at the same time I don't want to tell her not to get drunk as it is issues of control like this that lead me to break up with my ex. Like i said, she has gone to great lengths to reassure me that I am the only one she wants and that she doesn't perceive a difference in our levels of attractiveness but I can't stop worrying.

I guess there are four problems: 1 my jealousy. Am I being a crazy jealous freak? I think there may be a fifth problem in that she seems to not discourage this overly-flirty type of behavior with other men. Most of the women I know would have a huge problem with some guy who is not her SO grabbing her ass in public, ex-boyfriend or not.

Otherwise, it's going to re-haunt you in other relationships throughout your life. I don't know if you've been dating recently and known each other a year, or dating a year I also don't get a sense of how old you guys are. You could punchasize their faces, but I think we know that's not going to end well for any parties involved, and really has more to do with 1 and 4. OP here. I should probably add that my notes about her reactions to the two guys hitting on her in the examples are genuine - but my problem is, irrational or not, I wonder if she would have reacted the same way if I had not been there.

Additionally I always see guys checking her out on the streets, and initially I actually feel something like pride, but then I feel angry that I am clearly with her and they think it is ok to look at her lecherously. I never had these feelings with my ex but without meaning to sound disrespectful she was not as eyecatchingly Attractive. One way to lose her for sure is to keep up with your lack of confidence.

Your self-effacing joking is not helping anyone. Instead of the joke, you exhibit a confident look on your face and say nothing. You're practically talking her into seeing someone else. She says "by the way this is my boyfriend", he looks at me disbelievingly a very typical reaction from people who hear the news , and I turn it into a joke "yeah, she's still recovering from the eye surgery" - true story One of the first things you should do is to stop saying things like this.

Seconding birdherder. Yes, you're being a crazy jealous freak - and you realize it, which is a step in the right direction. You don't trust your girlfriend when she's drinking - is there a precedent for your concern here? Has she cheated on others in the past? Or is this all in your head? As far as the "she's out of your league sentiment," you need to realize that these people are just dickheads and you need to stop it with the self-deprecation.

You have no need to justify the nature of your relationship to anybody. The first thing is to not take the disbelieving looks. There are three words you should learn to these guys who don't believe you're her boyfriend. Repeat them after me. In response to jersey girl - known her for over a year, been dating for about four months, I am 31, she is 28 posted by plechazunga at AM on August 31, You can't police other people, but you can be confident in who you are and let that do the talking.

At the end of the day if she wants to see someone else, she will, but don't lead her down that path by not being confident in yourself and your relationship. It's just one of those things that worrying about won't do a damn thing to improve.

If someone is continually stepping over the line and she has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with them and has discussed mr.

You're going to worry yourself out of a relationship about this, so cut it out. Work on your relationship with her and stop worrying about the wandering eyes of other people, and if she wants a little something from someone else and doesn't have the respect for you to call things off first then she's not worth the worry anyway.

You've not been with her very long, have you? Look, there's no way to know how this is going to end. Either she proves herself or she doesn't. It's an uncertain world. If you stay together a good long while, people will recognize that you're together and the hitting on her will taper off a bit. You'll realize she's staying with you because you've got some redeeming qualities you're currently unaware of. You'll realize she's not going to leave you for anyone. She'll get older and slow the drinking.

Chill out and give it some time. Let her know you're jealous. Build an honest relationship and you'll be less worried about what's going on when you're not there. FWIW, asking a partner to tone down the drinking seems pretty reasonable I wouldn't want my wife getting completely hammered with strangers for lots of reasons. It puts anyone in a pretty vulnerable position. Girls get hit on. That's just a fact of life and not exclusive to your gf. You're going to have to get more comfortable with that happening, and really and honestly trust her to reject the passes, even when you're not around.

Also, there are no "leagues" in dating. Stop thinking she's out of yours. If she were out of your league, you wouldn't be with her. Okay, here's the main issue. You don't have the self-confidence to trust your girl. I've dated a number of guys who thought they were "out of my league" and made comments about it and the fastest way for them to get ditched was for them to continually talk about how they weren't good enough for me.

It's insulting to your girl to question why she's with you. She picked you, she digs you and unless she's made it clear that she doesn't know why either, it's rude and disrespectful for you to continue to question why she's around.

As to the flirting, honestly, there's not much you can do. Guys do this and it's something that she has to address, not you. The most you can do is remember that she did pick you and is going home with you at the end of the night, not these other guys.

But if you can't handle your girl getting attention on the streets, or getting randomly hit on, you may really want to reconsider dating this girl. I guarantee if you tell her you don't like her getting that kind of attention, you'll begin the end of the relationship.

I dunno, dude. Seems like to me 4 is the only real problem. If you believed that she loved you and you were worthy of her love than you would trust her.

I'm not sure how you talk yourself into realizing that she does love you, given that the fact that she is actually with you doesn't seem to be doing it for you. I mean, do you think you somehow tricked her into dating you? Or do you think she picked you because she liked you? Because you seem to fear that some sweet-talking hot guy will be enough to turn her head if that's how you got her, then maybe it would.

But if, as you say, she knew you a long time before you dated and gradually became attracted to you as she got to know you as a person, then I don't think it would. All I can say is that you're girlfiend's going to continue to be hot.

And if you freak the fuck out every time some other dude notices that, then you're going to destroy the relationship like Lenny with the bunny. The guys are hitting on her for superficial reasons. I would give her credit for seeing something in you that is less superficial. The guys are not interested in seeing that in you.

If you want to fend them off at their own level, tell them with a straight face that you have an extremely large penis. First of all: she is with you for a reason. She makes a point of telling these jerks that you are her boyfriend for a reason.

That reason? She wants to be with you. Whether it is for your personality or your looks or your fine, fine self-deprecating skills, she's with you. That having been said, if you keep up the self-doubt and deprecation, she might not continue to be with you for long.

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She roughhouses with them on the field like a tomboy by day and surrounds herself with them like Christmas tree lights at night? You know—the tease? It seemed to make him so untouchable, so immune to self-doubt or fear.

C native that have seen the divine light of God, and have walked pass the heartless windows of hell. He is a down to earth and goofy type of guy that can be easily misunderstood.

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I’m in Love. But I Still Crave the Attention of Other Men.

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Girlfriend seeking attention from her boyfriend. Looking, people.

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FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags.

She is probably making you chase her. She has a way of drawing you in and giving you just enough to keep you around, all while refusing you what you really want. She has a way of making you invest in her life and even of extracting value from you, all while convincing you that you have a shot with her and that it is all for the best.

I Learned the Hard Way That Attention Seekers Are the Loneliest People

Most women are trustworthy and can be relied on to be faithful, but there are some women out there who will lie, cheat and betray their man and not even feel bad about it. The same applies to men. Some men will happily cheat on their girlfriend or wife , lie to her and betray her and not really worry about it.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: THE TRUTH: Why Women Want Attention - Good And Bad Attention Seeking Behavior!

Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. For the people who have followed my story, we are still together. For the people that don't know my story-- my girlfriend and I met eachother and became official after about 2 weeks of dating. I have heard that relationships can't be stable if you jump in so quickly

My Girlfriend Flirts With Other Guys: 5 Reasons Why She Might Be Doing it

Hello you terrible skinsacks of the noosphere, and welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove , the dating advice column that charges into your love problems like feral hogs. How do you help your partner when their depression has them locked in a vicious, self-reinforcing cycle? And when is the best time to ask somebody out? For the majority of our relationship, things have been fantastic. They had known each other for years before I entered the picture and had supported each other through hard times. Eventually, things escalated between the two of them until it resulted in a nasty falling out on Facebook with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law also getting in on things, continuing with texts into the night. He and I were both shocked and dismayed at not only how things ended, but also the things our wives said to each other.

May 12, - Truth is, attention-seeking behavior is just plain exhausting for your partner, and he or she will eventually find a way to avoid it, and perhaps.

I have a desire to be adored by men. As an adolescent, these expectations ran through my head constantly. Pathetic, right?

Hey, guys. Welcome back. In my previous article on premature ejaculation, I told you that I was going to use the knowledge and material covered in the article as a sex-talk routine.

Or, you might be wondering how to stop history from repeating itself and you are just over it! In this article, I will talk about these scenarios and share advice with you on how to turn this around. I am going to give you the key qualities to pay attention to when dating a woman, so you can find that quality woman that will love you for who you are!

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