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Cant find friends on spotify app

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For a while now I'm unable to see my friends feed. Before it showed a message saying there was some error in getting my friends feed and that I should try again later at that time I had a Free Spotify Account. Now it shows a default message as if I didn't follow anyone even though I do. When I click the button "Find Friends" it shows that I'm following all of my friends but it still shows as if I wasn't following anyone I have a Premium Account now. Translation for Attachment See what your friends are playing Find Friends. Go to Solution.

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No idea why, but if I search for any of my Facebook friends in the "search" bar, nothing comes up I am linked with Facebook and don't remember having this issue before. Just want to find a couple people to follow and send music to.

Also, if I go to "follow" in the top left, I can see suggested friends to follow, so I know my friends are linking Go to Solution. If this post was helpful, please add kudos below!

View solution in original post. Yes, but can't search for anybody specific. For example, here is what I see if I search "Michael" Peter, I'm also having some similar issues when I use Spotify. I also cannot search my friends using the search bar. Havin the same issue. Please help! I have the same problem. I can only find people among the "user" kategori who Im already following. People who Im not following and who I know have spotify wont show up in the search field.

Is there another way to searching for those friends and follow them? By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here. Help - can't search for friends Solved! Go to solution. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Help - can't search for friends. Casual Listener. This makes no sense!!

What am I missing? Labels: Mac. Accepted Solutions. Re: Help - can't search for friends. Community Legend. Everyone's tags 3 : facebook. Everyone's tags 2 : facebook. Yeah you should definitely be able to search! Very strange! Everyone's tags 2 : friends.

Working fine here, 0. Charged twice per month. Last update: How to change Premium subscription. I have full internet connection, but it says I'm o Log In. Solved Replies Last update:

I've noticed this has been happening to my account for months but the issue just can't seem to sort itself out. I've posted about it before but wasn't able to get any help. I know for a fact I have plenty of friends on Spotify because I've seen it before. My Facebook account is defintly linked and I've tried logging out all of my devices and logging back in on multiple devices but they all display the same thing. I did actually look at doing this, but the warning message when you go remove the Spotify app on Facebook is a bit scary lol.

I tried to follow my facbook friends but when i click on "Find friends" the tab keeps loading. If you're having troubles, make sure to try a quick reinstall of the app on your devices first by following the steps here. If the issue persists after that, we'd like to know.

I am brand new to Spotify. I cannot find a certain Spotify user. I am logging in using the FB login. I don't know if I should use the Spotify login. I am not friends with this person on FB.

Go to Solution. View solution in original post. Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the integration. Does clearing out your browser's cache and cookies help with your second issue? About your first issue, can you make sure Spotify has view access to your friend list? We're glad to hear everything is up and running after removing the app from your Facebook profile and adding it again. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

I can't search for friends to follow. A certain group of friends are all metal heads, like myself, and I can't find them to follow! Why is it that when I type in the search bar only artists come up? That makes perfect sense but it is the only place in the program I can see to search.

No idea why, but if I search for any of my Facebook friends in the "search" bar, nothing comes up I am linked with Facebook and don't remember having this issue before.

Go to Solution. When you open the link to the playlist, you will find a link to their profile. Note: if your friend doesn't know their username, they can easily find it by doing the following:. If you want to change your username, make sure to check out this thread to find out how.

Follow artists to receive notifications and never miss a new release. Note: Your Spotify account must be connected to Facebook to find your friends in this list. Or, ask your friends to share their profile with you. Not working?


I created my account on spotify using my facebook but when I try to view friends connected nothing appears. Go to Solution. View solution in original post. I know others in the Spotify world are having the same issue I had so here are solid, tested and true tips to getting your friends list to generate on spotify:. If Spotify is telling you "you have 0 facebook friends on Spotify" follow these trouble shooters:.


I can't search for friends to follow. You try to find the person you just became FB friends with in the Desktop app and it won't find 6, - 10 posts.








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