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Can u get a girl pregnant without her knowing

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After leaving her convent school, Miranda Lee briefly studied the cello before moving to Sydney, where she embraced the emerging world of computers. Her career as a programmer ended after she married, had three daughters and bought a small acreage in a semi-rural community. She yearned to find a creative career from which she could earn money. When her sister suggested writing romances, it seemed like a good idea.


Do you know what your Chances of Getting Pregnant really are?

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She had been taking the pill with no break for more than six months, but had stopped about two weeks before.

Dollan had given birth by herself in the bathroom of her flat, after being sent home sick from work; a neighbour had heard her screams of labour and called an ambulance. How could she not have known she was pregnant? But the more pertinent question may be: why would she have thought she was? She had gained a little weight, but chalked that up to the breakup. A mirror selfie she took betrays no trace of her being seven and a half months pregnant.

I had no symptoms, no cravings, no nausea — nothing. I was out of the loop of my pregnancy. In fact, the first time the thought she might be pregnant crossed her mind was as she was giving birth.

By this point, it was clear this was no period. Then I saw a head coming out. I was in absolute shock. Last week, there were reports around the world of an extreme case of a woman being surprised by her own full-term pregnancy: a Bangladeshi woman gave birth to a healthy and expected baby boy, only to learn nearly a month later that she was carrying twins in a second uterus they were also born healthy, 26 days after her first child.

The physical circumstances in that case, and the fact that the woman knew she was pregnant with one child — but not three — clearly make it highly unusual. A paper published in the British Medical Journal estimated that it occurs in about one in every 2, pregnancies, suggesting about cases in the UK every year.

She had given birth before — by then her children were teenagers — and she had chalked up her irregular periods and weight gain to age. Cheyne remembers her and her husband being in total shock. She was completely credible. She also adds that it is not only possible for significantly overweight women, as is commonly assumed.

Although the research is sparse — as one might expect, given the fundamental element of surprise — Cheyne says cryptic pregnancies have been recorded around the world, dating back centuries.

In fact, it was more understandable when pregnancy diagnoses were dependent on indicators such as the loss of periods and nausea. But the phenomenon cannot be explained away as women simply not feeling or noticing the signs of pregnancy, variable though they are.

That a woman could undergo so transformative a physiological experience as pregnancy without having any awareness of it seems to trigger deep-seated disbelief, especially among those who have experienced pregnancy.

Dollan says people have questioned her common sense, her connection to her own body, and even the truthfulness of her story. She has found some mothers to be especially judgmental. What about the reaction from men?

After she went public about her story on This Morning four and a half months after giving birth, Dollan says she was contacted by many women who had not spoken out about their own cryptic pregnancies out of embarrassment. For her, the proof of her cryptic pregnancy is self-evident. I was carrying crates of alcohol up flights of stairs until I was eight months pregnant. Risk is inherent to cryptic pregnancy, in the gestation period but most acutely in the act of childbirth.

Women can go into labour without medical assistance, sometimes in dangerous situations or entirely alone. Even a relatively straightforward birth of a healthy baby can be highly traumatic. Instantly, my life changed for ever. For her doctorate, Tighe studied concealed pregnancy: where women hide their babies from others and often, on some level, themselves.

Others had confided in one person — often a partner, a family member or a health professional — before denying it to everyone else, sometimes in response to that reaction.

The principal motivator, she found, was fear: these women were terrified, often for their own survival. There was also a close association between concealed pregnancy and trauma such as child sexual abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence, applicable to 11 of her 30 interviewees.

The remainder reported feeling more silenced by the social stigma of an unplanned pregnancy, fearing retribution or loss of control of their lives. Often the impact of this was only fully revealed with time, and in many cases therapy. One case study maintained that she had not known that she was pregnant until her third interview. Sensational media reporting, too, did not help women to feel they could come forward. Dollan says that having a baby with her ex-boyfriend, aged 22, was not part of her plan.

But she is also unequivocal: she did not know she was pregnant until she was in labour. Obviously, I would have been nervous to tell them — but there would have been a party, you know? In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is on 13 11 Other international helplines can be found at www. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Pregnancy. Reuse this content. Most popular.

Can You Be Pregnant and Not Know It?

In a society that has a low tolerance for uncertainty, cases that challenge our collective notion of the possible fascinate and confuse us. In fact, they are estimated to occur in around one in 2, cases, suggesting around cases in the UK annually , or a potential headline story almost every day. In these cases, women lack all awareness of pregnancy and report experiencing few, if any, of the common symptoms. But uncertainty over the diagnosis of pregnancy is not unusual. While a woman who thinks that she may be pregnant can now carry out a shop-bought pregnancy test with a high degree of accuracy, historically and — even in the relatively recent past — it was not easy to confirm that a woman was pregnant.

However, the fertile window may occur on different days within the cycle. A woman is likely to get pregnant on the days right after her period.

She had been taking the pill with no break for more than six months, but had stopped about two weeks before. Dollan had given birth by herself in the bathroom of her flat, after being sent home sick from work; a neighbour had heard her screams of labour and called an ambulance. How could she not have known she was pregnant? But the more pertinent question may be: why would she have thought she was? She had gained a little weight, but chalked that up to the breakup.

How to Get Pregnant Without Sexual Intercourse

You can get pregnant without having sexual intercourse. While ideally, semen should be deposited as close to the cervix as possible to get pregnant as it would be after vaginal intercourse , you can conceive as long as semen gets anywhere near the vagina or vaginal opening. This may occur if a man ejaculates outside the vagina, or it can occur if semen gets on someone's fingers and those fingers are placed near or inside the vagina. Pregnancy may also occur without ejaculation if the erect penis comes into contact with the vaginal area. A small amount of semen—just a drop or two—is excreted when a man gets an erection. Note that you can't get pregnant from a toilet seat, swimming in a public pool, using a hot tub, or bathing in any other body of water. While some women worry they got pregnant without having sex, others want to know how to get pregnant without sexual intercourse. Women who suffer from pain during sex may not be able to have sex frequently enough to get pregnant. Conditions like vaginismus and vulvodynia can make intercourse extremely uncomfortable or even painfully impossible.

What to know about precum and pregnancy

Melanie Milburne read her first Harlequin at age seventeen in between studying for her final exams. After completing a Masters Degree in Education she decided to write a novel and thus her career as a romance author was born. Melanie is an ambassador for the Australian Childhood Foundation and is a keen dog lover and trainer and enjoys long walks in the Tasmanian bush. She has published more than fifty books in several subgenres of romance and when she's not writing, Lucy likes to read. She's an unashamed book geek, but loves movies and the theatre too.

Back to Pregnancy. Yes, although the risk of getting pregnant in this way is very low.

Many men are concerned that their partner is pregnant. This is a fairly common feeling and one that often plays out in bedrooms and bathrooms all over the world. You can get a home pregnancy test at nearly any local grocery store, drug store, or big box store.

Can I get pregnant if I have sex without penetration?

Yup, folks, it's true. A woman can get pregnant during anal sex. How can this be? During intercourse the semen doesn't always end up just in the rear.

If you and your partner want to get pregnant , you might be wondering what you can do to help. While most methods of improving fertility tend to focus on tracking a woman's cycle, as a man, you can take steps that may improve your sperm count. There's no way to guarantee that you and your partner will conceive, but there are things you can do to increase the odds! Tip: In addition to cutting out unhealthy snacks like chips and sweets, especially avoid processed meats like bacon. Processed meats may lower your sperm count more than other unhealthy foods. Jennifer Butt, MD.

How Can a Woman Have a Baby Without Knowing She’s Pregnant?

When not using a condom or other barrier method during sex, liquid from the penis can enter the vagina without either party knowing. Even with the best form of protection, it is always possible that sexual intercourse can result in an unintended pregnancy. In this article, we discuss precum and the risk of getting pregnant from this preejaculate fluid. Before ejaculating, the penis releases fluid that people many call precum, or preejaculate. Precum comes out involuntarily before ejaculation. The fluid is partially for lubrication.

Mar 26, - Turns out the phenomenon, known as cryptic pregnancy, isn't so A Doctor Explains How a Woman Can Go Nine Months Without Knowing She's Pregnant a stomach flu then got the shock of her life when she delivered a baby while We can understand having no clue about a surprise birthday party.


Is My Girlfriend Pregnant?







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